Baby Model

A couple weeks ago Preston got his pics taken by a fellow mom who is starting up an in-home photography studio (to be named later once her website is up and running). She offered to take Preston's pics for free and in exchange she'd hook me up with some free prints.

Here are a couple shots...as always, click to enlarge.


The Highlight Reel

From Aug. 30 - Sept. 13, Preston and I were in Ohio hanging out with our peeps. My computer access was limited, hence only one post. But I've been back in Washington now for nearly a week and have yet to get back on the blog track.

I've recently found myself in a bit of a funk. But more than that, so many blog-worthy little incidents have occurred that I'm not sure how to sort them all out, nor can I remember them all. But it's worth a try, right?

So, without a further ado, I present the highlight reel from 08.30 - 09.18.

You know that anxiety you get before getting on an airplane? Not the is-the-plane-going-to-go-down anxiety, but the 'seat buddy' anxiety. You sit there looking around at all the people waiting for the flight and wonder who you will be sitting next to. Is it the greasy patchouli-scented hippy? Maybe it's the seven foot freak show with a bad cough? Or maybe it's the elder lady with her two cats in tow. Ahhh, the possibilities are endless.

Now that I have a kid, the anxiety is even worse. Because now I know everyone is checking me out and hoping they are not sitting next to the curly-headed chick with the baby.

Luckily Preston and I ended up sitting next to baby-friendly travelers every leg of our flights. But nobody could be more of a baby lover than Cheryl from New O'leans.

Cheryl hadn't even sat down and had already asked to hold Preston. She went on and on about him and how much she LOVED babies. While sitting on the tarmac, Cheryl even called a co-worker to share the joy of baby Preston. (This was short-lived as the lady on speaker phone kept dropping the f-bomb.)

Yep, Cheryl was quite an interesting cat. Like me, she was on her way home after visiting family. She grew up and lived in Louisiana most of her life, only relocating to Washington after her husband put a hit out on her. She spoke of her own children, the youngest 15 and handicapped. She showed me every picture in her cell phone and even thumbed through a New Orleans church cookbook, sharing memories of towns and landmarks as she recalled them. And when Preston couldn't get comfortable on her large bosoms, she moved him to the side, pulled out a pack of methol cigs from her bra, and moved him back onto her chest. No shit.

Cheryl is one of the kindest travelers I've ever met. Thanks to her, I was able to actually have a drink on the plane, go the bathroom, AND warm up Preston's bottle. I'd like to have this gal travel with me everywhere. And as a farewell gesture, she gave me $20 to buy something special for Preston. Like I said, Cheryl LOVES babies. She'll be a wonderful grandmother some day, and hopefully soon.

Munchkin makes these little contraptions called fresh feeders. You put fresh fruits or veggies in them and let your baby gnaw on the bag. Only little pieces get worked through the holes so your baby won't choke. Genius. I bought a two-pack for Preston.

I thought I was being a super-nice mom by sharing a Harry & David peach with him, but as you can see he wasn't impressed. It's as though everything in his body puckered.


Five days is about all it took before Preston became kind-of mobile to completely come-and-get-me-catch-me-if-you-can-I'm-going-to-get-into-anything-eye-level-and-open-all-cabinets-watch-out-I'm-only-going-to-get-even-crazier-now-I'm-pulling-myself-up-on-couches-and-ottomans-next-is-walking wild. I'm in big trouble folks. This is what I've been dreading. Of course I want Preston to excel and be the smartest, most-advanced kid he can be. But what about last month? What about when he wasn't mobile? Why did that period of time seems so damn short!?


Who's a Big Boy?

You know that voice people use when talking to their dogs...that deep and dumb tone often used when they converse with their four-legged friend. Well I used that voice today on my son, shortly after finding him standing up on his own in his crib. This is just about as bad as my brother trying to play 'tuggie' with him this past weekend.

(And yes, I've been MIA...in Ohio visiting family. I have much to report, but Preston's current sleeping quarters and the home office are one in the same. My free time (i.e. when P'Dub naps) is usually when I hop online and blog. So you can see where the conflict lies. We leave this Saturday for Seattle and can't wait to see Daddy!)