Gone Fishin'

I think we may have a professional stocked trout farm fisherman on our hands! ;)


Happy 3-Months-Old Birthday!

Time flies when you have an angel of a baby! Three months...really...already!? Wow.

Not to brag, but I kind to HAVE to. She's simply beautiful. Stunning eyes. A sassy, gummy, smile. Lashes I'd pay for. Fashion-forward, trendy hair. ;) To top it all off, she's got a coo that will melt your heart. She's happy. Rarely fussy. And I can't get enough of her. There really is something 'different' about having a girl. Girl = Automatic Sweetness.

Already, at three months, she's well on her way to being sleep trained. She's already got her nights in check. Generally, she'll have her last bottle of the day around 8:30, then I'll lay her down in her crib awake/semi-awake/asleep (depending on her status after her bottle). She'll sleep straight until her early morning bottle around 5:30. Then she goes back to sleep until 9ish. LOVE HER!

She also rolls from belly to back, sucks her finger, holds her head up with little wobbling, has discovered her toes, and loves to talk!

Pretty much, the first three months of her life have been happily uneventful. The only bump in the road we've had is needing to switch her to soy formula. Her delicate tummy ended up on not being able to handle the full octane formula, and the blow-outs we're becoming the norm. Soy to the rescue!

Amongst all this happy-baby stuff, is a guilt-ridden mom. I'm constantly feeling as though I'm neglecting her. Yes, she's an amazingly easy baby. And this is great, considering I'm often needed by Preston. Or dinner needs made. Or the laundry needs folded. But I can't help but feel like I don't hold her enough. I don't play with her enough. I'm not with her enough, one on one. So why am I on here, I could be holding her right now!

Love you Norah Grace!


Grow Norah Grow

When you are pregnant with your second child everyone tells you how 'suprised' you'll be at how different your two children will be. And most women swear their pregnancies are vastly different. I concur on both accounts.

If you've read my blog from the beginning, you'll know my pregnancy with Preston was the pits, and my pregnancy with Norah was uneventful and calm. I was sick with Preston, and barely sick with Norah. I gained 45 pounds and a case of gestational diabetes with Preston; I gained 23 pounds with Norah and passed my glucose test.

Preston was a spitty baby, was on sensitive formula, had sensitive skin, and for the first month had his days/nights mixed up. Norah spits up moderately, is on high-octane formula, hasn't seen a drop of Butt Paste, and not once has confused her days with nights.

The biggest difference, by far, is their weight/height growth. Both Preston and Norah were born at similar weights; P'Dub at 7lbs. 6oz. and Norah at 7lbs. 12oz.  Preston, up until his well visit at 2 years-old, has held steady in the 5-10% range for height, and in the 10-25% for weight. Norah is in the 75-90% on all accounts. Just yesterday I boxed up all her 0-3 month onesies and sleepers. She's two months old and wearing 3-6 month outfits!

• 7# 12 at birth
• 10# 6 one month old (three pound gain!)
• 11# 12 two months old

• 18.5" at birth/ but 20" at her 7-day checkup (We think she wasn't stretched out completely when her birth height was recorded.)
• 22" one month
• 23.25" two months old

Watch out P'Dub, your little sister may end up being your big sister! ;)

*Two month well visit on July 14, 2010.


Milestones & Musings

 ...has sadly picked up our slang. Everything is 'this guy'. Instead of simply saying, "What's this?", P'Dub says, "What's this guy?"

...loves the remote, although he's not permitted to have it. I recently scolded him and said, "Preston, don't put one more finger on that remote." He looked at me, gently placed his thumb on it, and said "Thumb?" [This boy is a handful!]

...is a genuine smarty pants. In an effort to grab my attention, Preston started jumping on the couch. I politely reminded him he wasn't allowed to jump on the couch. To which he quickly replied, "I not jump Mommy. I bounce."

...needs constant supervision. While cleaning bottles he managed to order a $10.00 On Demand movie in Spanish. Nice. Daddy was less than thrilled.

...is a handsome boy. Today I was explaining to him about first and middle names. I've told him many times his full name is Preston William, but I haven't  went into much detail. So I told him his sister's full name was Norah Grace. That my name is Kate Anne. That Daddy is Jeremy Ryan. In typical toddler mode, he then started asking me over and over what his full name was, and Norah's, and mine, and Daddy's. After a couple repetitive minutes went by, I asked him if he remembered his full name. He said, "Yeah Mommy. My name is handsome boy." Adorable. 

 ...finally smiled at six weeks! The big day was June 28th!

...loves her bink, aka plug. On July 1st she started sucking her fingers! I think it will be easier for her once she releases her fist grips - they are constantly closed with her thumbs tucked inside. 

...has a blow-out at least once a week. Ugh. Preston had ONE when he was a baby. 



Preston's Pearly Whites

When I told Preston he was going to the dentist, I wasn't sure what sort of a reaction to expect. Surprisingly Preston told me all about it. "Dentist Mommy! Lay down. Light in mouth. Teeth clean." Thank you Sesame Street! No further explanation needed.

Preston was truly excited as we walked up the steps to the dentist's office. He even picked out his shark shirt to wear, as it had lots of teeth on it! The waiting area was a toddler playground...a carousel horse, children's books, games, and the friendliest staff I'd ever met. But I guess at a pediatric office, the staff is required to lay the smiles and happiness on thick!

We walked in and Preston was telling everyone "Hi!". The staff, other children, and their parents. At check-in I was given a sticker with Preston's name on it. He was thrilled and proudly put it on the arm of his shirt. Before long our name was called and Preston led us down the hall to his room, as if he'd been there many times before.

The hygienist explained to Preston that she was going to brush his teeth then give him a fluoride treatment. She put on her gloves, and gave him a pair to wear as well. He gave them to me to put in his bag, and stood their like a champ, allowing his teeth to be cleaned.

Next he sat on my lap in the chair, opened his mouth wide without hesitation, and the hygienist scraped off what little plaque he had. I was beaming with pride. What a champ!

And the dentist thought so, too! Dr. O'Brien went on and on about what a delight Preston was, and if only all little patients were as cooperative and charming. Truly, Preston was at the top of his social game. Conversing with everyone he met, it was hard for even me to believe he was only two!

As Dr. O'Brien was leaving our room to tend to the next patient, Preston said, "Thank you dentist. See you later." [Adorable]

On the way out Preston was given a goodie bag, picked out a new toothbrush (Mater from the Cars movie), and took his 'token' to the toy tower. The toy tower was similar to one of those toy/bubble gum machines that take 50 cents in return for a prize in a plastic container. Preston chose to put his token in the machine that had hundreds of small, plastic puppies. We took home what appeared to be a beagle.

I was then given Preston's "Oral Health Report Card". Jeremy and I scored a 16 out of 18 total points, as he had a little plaque build-up on his upper front/lip side teeth and NO CAVITIES. I'd say that Preston scored a 16/18, but it's us parents (mainly Jeremy, actually) that do the cleaning! The dentist also noted that Preston had a bit of an overbite, but it may work itself out as he grows older. Only time will tell.

I nearly forgot...since it was Preston's first visit, we were given a complimentary pic of us with Dr. O'Brien. We've had this on our fridge ever since. Preston likes to look at it and talk about the big day!