I Currently Suck at Blogging

Hey all! It's been a busy couple weeks. In fact, the month of November flew by...with hardly any posts.

First we were all sick, then we got better. Thankgiving was a blur (and not just because we indulged in spirits). We moved out of our basement apartment into our new rental home two days ago. Preston is sick again. And tomorrow the movers come with ALL OUR STUFF from our house in Ohio! Yay!

I'm soo excited to sleep in my own bed. Have my own couch, dishes, and clothes! And our pictures! I miss all our pictures.

Anyhow, don't expect much from me in the next week, as moving in may take some time and my internet access will be limited.

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all!


Sir Snots-A-Lot

We're six days in to what I've dubbed Family Sick Fest. First Jeremy, then Preston, and now I, am sick. We're all snotting, hacking, and most recently puking (Jeremy only...but I think it's due to some bad Mexican I brought him home last evening).

Preston's worst days were Monday - Wednesday. I actually resorted to driving him around aimlessly in the car, just to get him to stop crying and fall asleep. And although this worked, it was temporary. No sleeping arrangement could hold a candle to lying on my chest.

This is the first time Preston has ever been ill. I must add that I've never seen a human, and at such a small size mind you, conjure up the amount of snot this kid has dripped. Where does it come from? And when will it stop? Even grosser is when P'Dub spits up. Jeremy calls it 'pukus', as it's a mixture of puke and mucus.

As a whole I'd say we're on the upswing. The snot bubbles are getting smaller. The crankiness is subsiding. And Preston is back to his mischievous ways...

I counted 36 wipes. He managed to pull 36 wipes out of the container in just under 30 seconds. That's got to be a baby record somewhere, right?


AUNTARA: The Seattle Tour '08

This past week Uncle James and Aunt Tara flew out from Ohio to visit us in the rainy land of Seattle. It was their first trip to Washington and our first basement (as opposed to house) guests. We ate, drank and were merry. We visited a brewery, sampled vino at a number of wineries, did a little sight seeing, and stayed up way later (like A LOT later) than Jeremy and I have since Preston was born.

Uncle James and Preston were instant buddies. Aunt Tara, on the other hand, had her work cut out for her. (Probably because no woman could ever measure up to Mommy.) Fortunately Tara had her AUNTARA 2008 shirt on hand, which won over the little man instantly. I had the shirt made as a thank-you for co-hosting my baby shower last November.

The highlight of our short-lived visit was when I dropped Preston off at a friend's house. Heidi (my new friend) offered to watch P'Dub for six hours so that Jeremy and I could enjoy some adult-time with our guests. I had everything ready for Heidi - a printed page that detailed everything anyone would ever need to know about P'Dub, which included shot records, his eat and sleep schedule, and various contact information. I felt really good about leaving him.

What I did not feel good about is that I left my cell phone in the apartment. On top of that, I failed to give Heidi's phone number to Jeremy. This means when I decided to make my first check-in call, about an hour into our day, I had no way of contacting Heidi. My first time leaving Preston since end of June, and I can't check on him!!!

Basically I freak out. Beat myself up about being a horrible mother. All I could do was cry. So I did. Five hours later, as I arrived on Heidi's doorstep, I cried again. This time I was crying out of joy. My little man was safe and sound. Poor Heidi, alarmed by my emotional outburst, thought something bad had happened and asked if we were in a car wreck. After all, I didn't call all day and show up a mess.

Good times. Great story...now, that is.

So thanks Uncle James and Aunt Tara for visiting! We miss you already.


Me Loves Me Some Boppy

With the rapidly approaching cold/flu season, accompanied by my phobia of germs, I proudly purchased a Boppy Protect Me shopping cart/high chair cover. It boasts a whopping 360 degrees of germ-free protection...providing you can keep your child from pulling back the fabric to 'see what's underneath'. The cover also has loops for Preston's favorite toys and pockets for Mommy's cell phone, grocery list, and wallet. It's cute, easy to roll up and machine washable. Every mother's dream - for the bargain price of $25.

The Boppy Protect Me cover paid for itself within the first week of ownership, while on a much-needed Costco run. Skeptical the Boppy cover could expand to fit such an over-sized grocery cart basket, I was pleasantly surprised! It went on smoothly and Preston went in it smoothly. And as perfect timing would have it , Preston's dinner bell rang just as we entered the automatic sliding doors.

I first attempted to carry Preston cradle style as he held and drank from his bottle. But I'm a wimp, and he got heavy. The Boppy Me cover beckoned. I wondered...is it safe to lay your child down in the cart basket? He couldn't possibly fall out through the leg holes. And the cover is quite cushiony, so it would be comfortable. I ran the idea by Jeremy and within seconds Preston was lying down drinking his bottle in the grocery cart, cuddled by the comfort of the Boppy germ protector.

I thought fellow shoppers might give us strange looks, but the depth of the basket concealed his presence. For the most part he was unnoticed. After his bottle was finished he was content to stay in the horizontal position. After all, he had great access to his feet and a direct view of all ceiling lights.

This was awesome! Preston didn't need entertained. He wasn't reaching out to grab anything and everything he could touch. And he was happy. And he was sleepy. Soo sleepy in fact that he actually fell asleep! The remainder of our shopping trip was a breeze. The little man didn't even wake up until we were unloading groceries in the car.

I heart the Boppy Protect Me shopping cart/high chair cover. In fact, I heart all Boppy products. And you should too.