Learning to Jump is Hard

P'Dub accidentally jumped this morning...catching about a half inch of air! Realizing he had done something new and cool, he 'tried' to re-create the jump.

Little dude jumped his heart out, but alas, he still wasn't jumping. The effort was there...he SOUNDED like he could jump five feet; and looked as though he could throw his back out!

'A' for effort little Tiger!

(Jeremy is off to the side jumping, trying to help P'Dub along.)


Preston and Bell Sittin' in the Tree....


Technically this is Preston's second kiss. His first kiss, also given by the sweet and lovely Bell, was given nearly one minute prior to this picture. The first kiss was awkward and messy...Bell's mouth was practically inside Preston's, as Preston's mouth was wide open while letting out one heck of a scream. At least he's tolerating it the second time around!


Congrats 2009 Graduates!

Today fellow readers, marks the end of a 9-week journey for three energetic toddlers. Preston, Kylee and Abby have taken preschool tumbling to a new level.

The three musketeers started out cautious, timid, and with little or no attention spans. Today Preston is quick on the balance beam and no longer fears the dreaded tunnel! Kylee does a killer bear crawl on the even bars and can work the parachute like no other. And Abby laughs in the face of a forward somersault over the mail box.

Preston, Kylee and Abby are now stronger, more coordinated, flexible and confident. They are little gymnasts!

Today I'm proud to introduce the graduating class of the 2009 Parent & Me Tumbling Class, spring quarter.

Congratulations grads! Well done.