Epic Santa Fail

St. Nick had a 'beard malfunction' prior to our arrival.

He also had a blunt.

And maybe a free meal from the homeless shelter.

(Okay, that was just wrong.)

Take 2.
Preston is now fearful and holding my hand.
Norah is in need of constant eye contact (aka reassurance this guy won't steal her).

Take 3. Preston opted out.
Norah's first Santa pic a total bust.


Happy Turkey Day

From our family of turkeys to yours....

 Preston made these little guys all by himself! And yes, those are golf tee legs!


Mission Complete: Pig Tails at Six Months

When Norah was born with a crazy amount of hair, I declared "Pig tails by six months!" Well, she's six-months-old now and totally rocks pig tails. She also rocks a pretty sweet 'pebbles pony' right on top of her head. My Mom calls this look, the waterspout.

Norah at six months:
• 18#, 8oz/ 90th percentile for weight
• 27" long/ 95th percentile for height
• 75-90th percentile for head circumference

She's into babbling and could bounce for hours in her Jump-a-Roo. She's also got a huge case of separation anxiety. I can't walk out of the room without her screaming or grunting in disgust. I'm proud to say she's an excellent sleeper, averaging around 13 hours a night without waking. My little Norah bean- LOVE her! Oh, it's also noteworthy to mention she's wearing 12 month clothes!

As anticipated, she's growing at a little faster pace than her brother did at this point. He was in the 50th percentile for weight and 10th percentile for height. But, he has her beat in the rolling-over department; if only she could get that chubby arm out of the way!

Here's a side-by-side comparison of my little ones- both at six months.


2.5 Year-Old Santa Logic

Preston: "I don't want Santa to come to Preston's house."
Me: "Why?"
Preston: "It's not safe Mommy."
Me: "Why?"
Preston: "Cause Santa is a stranger."


Finishing Touches

Long, long ago...pre Norah Grace, I posted pics of the baby's nursery. My intention was to order custom-made letters of the baby's name to hang above the crib. And I did it, eventually...about two months after she was born. Then it took ten weeks to get the things. And then another to put them up. Tack on a couple more weeks to take pics. Another couple days to download the pics. Then finally, here they are!

I heart the nursery letters!

The letters are extremely well made and the artwork is adorable. Not too perfect, but not sloppy, and one-of-a-kind. The artist does an amazing job. She does all kinds of custom colors, patterns, and themes. The storefront is WhimsicalRooms on the Etsy website! Check her out!


$#*! My Son Says

P'Dub will be three at January's end. He's a full-on talker, and master manipulator. And although he knows what he's saying and I know what he's saying, his pronunciation can be a bit skewed. It's adorable. I love Preston-speak!

"Beldy" (n)- abdomen

"Seebs" (n)- part of a garmet that covers the arm

"Hide and Sink" (n)-  a children's game in which one player gives the others a chance to hide and then attempts to find them

"Pildow" (n)- anything used to cushion the head 

"Efucka" (n)-  object on a bicycle pedal used to reflect light

"Skeeto" (n)-  blood sucking insect

"Maggot" (n)- a body, as a piece of iron or steel, that possesses the property of attracting certain substances, as iron

 "Gub" (n)- a covering for the hand made with a separate sheath for each finger and for the thumb

"No Rah Gace" (n)- little sister 

"Sippy" (adj)- tending or liable to cause slipping or sliding

"Pie C" (adj)-  seasoned with or containing spice

"Kimmas Teet" (n)-  an evergreen tree decorated at Christmas with ornaments and lights

I will add more as I think of them!



Over Promise...Under Deliver

Okay, so maybe I "over promised" in my crazy post! Although I have been feeling more upbeat, working on being a kinder wife and trying to be more active with the kids, I have not been able to find time to update this blog! Rest assured, I've got a list of things to post- it's just a matter of finding the time!

First and foremost I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post. All your kind words, messages of encouragement, and overall support really have helped. When I'm having a particularly challenging day, I open up the post and read your comments. I've read the comments about a zillion times! It's funny how complete strangers can make such a difference. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

I'm happy (now there's a word I haven't used in awhile) to report Norah's noggin is PERFECT! Yes, it still has a mild flat spot, but the specialist at Children's Hospital said she couldn't tell if it was, in fact, from being on her back to much OR if it was genetic. The specialist said her head was completely symmetrical, and that if she was of Asian descent, her flat spot wouldn't even be an issue. Then she went on to say that if she saw us in the hospital, it wouldn't have crossed her mind that we were there because of her head. [enter heavy sigh of relief here] I LOVE telling this story. Sometimes I go over it in my head, just because it makes me feel better. My little darlin' is just fine!

I actually took the kids to get their pictures taken. I got my hopes up thinking Preston would cooperate. We didn't get one shot with both of them together. Total bummer.

Preston: 2 years, 8 months and 30.5 pounds (Need to measure him to see how tall he is or isn't!)

Norah: 19 weeks, 16 1/2 pounds and 24 3/4" long


Confessions of a Closet Crazy

Get ready folks, as this post is going to be a long one. I can guarantee poor grammar, incorrect tenses, and overall confusion. But hey, I'm a "crazy" and all the shit that's been spinning around in my head like a tornado is about to be unleashed.

Fuck. Hasn't it been such a long, long time since I dropped the f-bomb on the blog? I bet it was pre-Preston. Before I developed my Mom-mouth. But since I'm a crazy, I can say it. Because crazy people get a pass when it comes to swearing. Being crazy, and swearing, go hand in hand. They are tight, like a monkey and his tail.

The last seven weeks have been a whirlwind. Three and a half of those weeks were spent traveling- ten flights, eight states, and over 10,000 miles. Norah, at the wee age of two-months-old earned her wings! We visited family and friends in Ohio, and vacationed with family in The Outer Banks. And although seeing our families and friends was much-needed for the kids, Jeremy, and myself...it wasn't relaxing. Living out of our suitcases, being out of routine, sharing bedrooms with the kids, in the car, out of the car, to this house, and that house...nearly put me in the crazy house.

What's all this talk about crazy, you ask? I'd say about a month and a half after Norah was born, after the flow of family help ran out, I proceeded to secretly shut down during the day. And I haven't talked about this openly with anyone, not even my husband.

Most days, it was all I could do to just get the kids fed and diapered. I couldn't wait for nap time for Preston, because I just needed a break. Preston's a great kid and the addition of Norah into the family didn't change things much for him. It's as though he understands she needs more attention/help throughout the day just because she's a baby, and he's okay with that. Me counting down the minutes to his nap time wasn't because he was acting out or being unruly. It was because I didn't feel like tending to him. Isn't that a shitty and overly horrific thing to say about your child? "I didn't feel like tending to him." Oh, the guilt. I knew then, and I know now, that this wasn't "me", but I just couldn't shake the funk.

Preston probably doesn't see it as much of a funk though. After all, he's now been introduced to The Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. Once a child only familiar with PBS programming, has now been cable converted. Ugh. But hey, he can kind-of count to a hundred in multiples of ten; although he has no idea what that means. [Thankfully I had enough sense to steer him clear of the shows featuring grown adults singing. Gag me.]

Norah, on the other hand, hasn't slipped through my crazy unaffected. Last week she turned FOUR months old. [Where the fuck has the time gone- oh, that's right...the crazy has taken my precious time. I hate crazy.] The pediatrician doted over her, repeatedly remarking how fabulous she is. That's the word she kept using, fabulous. Norah is 15lbs. 6oz, and 24 1/4" long; no wonder she's wearing clothing for a 9-month-old. She's in the 75-90th percentile. And she has mild plagiocephaly.

Right now I feel as though I'm at a Crazies Anonymous meeting. I'm standing up in the circle of shitty mothers, and admitting that I've let my poor, helpless, sweetheart of a baby lie on her back too much. I didn't force her to do tummy time, because quite frankly, it made her cry, and I've been too crazy to deal with it. I'm standing up in this circle and I'm shaking. I'm tearing. My shirt is wet from the constant stream of regret and shame. I'm a horrible fucking mother. And I'm in this circle. And it's not soo anonymous, is it? [Just writing this, admitting this, makes me want to vomit, then curl up and die and hope nobody even reads this blog ever again.]

Norah's case is "mild". Which means, the doc isn't all that concerned, but worried. That's what the doc said - not concerned, just worried - aren't they the same? Norah's head isn't freakish and luckily FOR HER she sports a sweet do. Her flat spot is in the back, not on either side. The pediatrician said it's hard to find any one-year-old today without some hint of a flat spot, due to the 'back to sleep' campaign. She advised me to not have her on her back AT ALL unless she's sleeping. This should round her head out, as she's only 4-months-old, and her skull will continue to rapidly develop until about a year of age.

That being said, the pediatrician told me she was adding a 'referral' in my chart. That I should discuss this with my husband. And perhaps we should set up an appointment with Children's Hospital Craniofacial Center. First thought in my mind was...HELMET. Which, of course, I quickly asked her about. She said the doctors there would discuss repositioning options with me, and blah, blah, blah. But all I heard was, "YOUR BABY NEEDS A HELMET. YOUR FAULT." Although neither of those things were ever actually said. It's just the crazy.

I researched the Craniofacial Center online and found out that helmets aren't even an option until babies are over six months old. Whew, okay, a ray of light in this dark mess I've created for my child. Once the referral goes through, Jeremy and I will take her to the specialist. In the meantime, she hasn't been in her swing or bouncer ONCE. I've been using a Boppy Noggin in her crib and alternating the direction in which she lies. [Yes, I'm aware Boppy advises against this. Fuck them. I'm using it in the crib.] The Noggin really helps keep her off her flat spot, and makes me feel a hell of a lot better considering how much she sleeps. Last night she slept 14 hours, without waking. Then she took three small naps today. She's an excellent, easy baby. And for that, I am thankful. Very, very thankful.

This flat-head condition has pretty much been the electric shock therapy I've been needing. I have the righteousness of my wonderful pediatrician to thank for this verbal slap in the face.

Pediatrician: How's tummy time going?
Me: She hates it. Are you asking because of her flat spot?
[No, her flat spot wasn't news to me.]
Pediatrician: Yes.
Me: She cries and screams when I try to lay her on her tummy.
Pediatrician: What if she cried when you put her in the carseat.
Would you drive around with her on your lap?
Me: Uhhhhh, no. [Wake up Kate!]

I'll have to thank Dr. Flowers the next time I see her. Otero Flowers is her name. I love her name. Have no idea what it means. But I love it.

Since our recent visit, I've kicked into ORH...operation round head. In addition to the Noggin, I also bought a mirror for the floor. Norah seems to really like it and her tummy time is going much better. In fact, she even fell asleep on her tummy yesterday afternoon! I borrowed a Bumbo chair and she loves it! I've also started laying her across my lap when sitting on the couch. Hopefully this newly found effort will pay off, in addition to whatever the specialist recommends.

The crazy is still very much lingering. Today I've been battling it. Doesn't help it's so fucking rainy here right now. I can too easily sit my fat ass down on the couch and watch G movies all day with Preston. That's another part of my crazy- how grossly fat I am. I've got no excuse here, either. I just suck.

I know, whaaa, whaaaaa, whaaaa. I'm a bigger baby than my kids. :) No worries. I'll pull myself out of this funk. No need to call children's services or set up camera's during the day while Jeremy is at work. We'll be fine. Just send me good vibes and some sunny weather- otherwise I'm going to need one of those sun lamps to keep my spirits up OR pills. Whatever works, right?

In the meantime, I'm making promises.I've made a promise to myself. I promise to take each day one day at a time. I'm going to try to not think about tomorrow, just live for today. I promise to be a better mother to Norah and hopefully this flat-head thing will work itself out. I want her to keep looking at me with those big, loving eyes and wide, gummy smile with such awe. She has no idea about her slightly flat head. All she feels is how much she loves me. I owe it to her to straighten the fuck up. I promise to not let the tv be the babysitter for Preston. We've got to get back to the parks, to our crafts, and playdates. I owe it to him to be the mother he had before his little sister came along. He's an amazing boy and at 2.5, such a smart little being. He needs to experience childhood and learn by doing; not to be sat in front of the tv for three hours a day. I promise to take more pictures and movies of BOTH kids. I promise to take more pictures of the kids together. I promise to update the blog regularly.

Last, but not least, I promise to open up to my husband. I promise to be better at expressing my true feelings, to not be soo snippy and bitchy. I promise to be a better wife.

And after writing this post, I promise to not call myself crazy anymore. At least on here! ;) And I shall finish reading Eat. Pray. Love. It's been a great read so far- when I have the time. And Oprah said it changed her life. Or rather, her producers told her to say it changed her life. Not even sure how it changed her life, or if she can read. And I don't even care if Oprah can read. She's annoying and all of her shoes have red bottoms. And now I'm off on another tangent about another topic. Perhaps I should just go to bed!


Gone Fishin'

I think we may have a professional stocked trout farm fisherman on our hands! ;)


Happy 3-Months-Old Birthday!

Time flies when you have an angel of a baby! Three months...really...already!? Wow.

Not to brag, but I kind to HAVE to. She's simply beautiful. Stunning eyes. A sassy, gummy, smile. Lashes I'd pay for. Fashion-forward, trendy hair. ;) To top it all off, she's got a coo that will melt your heart. She's happy. Rarely fussy. And I can't get enough of her. There really is something 'different' about having a girl. Girl = Automatic Sweetness.

Already, at three months, she's well on her way to being sleep trained. She's already got her nights in check. Generally, she'll have her last bottle of the day around 8:30, then I'll lay her down in her crib awake/semi-awake/asleep (depending on her status after her bottle). She'll sleep straight until her early morning bottle around 5:30. Then she goes back to sleep until 9ish. LOVE HER!

She also rolls from belly to back, sucks her finger, holds her head up with little wobbling, has discovered her toes, and loves to talk!

Pretty much, the first three months of her life have been happily uneventful. The only bump in the road we've had is needing to switch her to soy formula. Her delicate tummy ended up on not being able to handle the full octane formula, and the blow-outs we're becoming the norm. Soy to the rescue!

Amongst all this happy-baby stuff, is a guilt-ridden mom. I'm constantly feeling as though I'm neglecting her. Yes, she's an amazingly easy baby. And this is great, considering I'm often needed by Preston. Or dinner needs made. Or the laundry needs folded. But I can't help but feel like I don't hold her enough. I don't play with her enough. I'm not with her enough, one on one. So why am I on here, I could be holding her right now!

Love you Norah Grace!


Grow Norah Grow

When you are pregnant with your second child everyone tells you how 'suprised' you'll be at how different your two children will be. And most women swear their pregnancies are vastly different. I concur on both accounts.

If you've read my blog from the beginning, you'll know my pregnancy with Preston was the pits, and my pregnancy with Norah was uneventful and calm. I was sick with Preston, and barely sick with Norah. I gained 45 pounds and a case of gestational diabetes with Preston; I gained 23 pounds with Norah and passed my glucose test.

Preston was a spitty baby, was on sensitive formula, had sensitive skin, and for the first month had his days/nights mixed up. Norah spits up moderately, is on high-octane formula, hasn't seen a drop of Butt Paste, and not once has confused her days with nights.

The biggest difference, by far, is their weight/height growth. Both Preston and Norah were born at similar weights; P'Dub at 7lbs. 6oz. and Norah at 7lbs. 12oz.  Preston, up until his well visit at 2 years-old, has held steady in the 5-10% range for height, and in the 10-25% for weight. Norah is in the 75-90% on all accounts. Just yesterday I boxed up all her 0-3 month onesies and sleepers. She's two months old and wearing 3-6 month outfits!

• 7# 12 at birth
• 10# 6 one month old (three pound gain!)
• 11# 12 two months old

• 18.5" at birth/ but 20" at her 7-day checkup (We think she wasn't stretched out completely when her birth height was recorded.)
• 22" one month
• 23.25" two months old

Watch out P'Dub, your little sister may end up being your big sister! ;)

*Two month well visit on July 14, 2010.


Milestones & Musings

 ...has sadly picked up our slang. Everything is 'this guy'. Instead of simply saying, "What's this?", P'Dub says, "What's this guy?"

...loves the remote, although he's not permitted to have it. I recently scolded him and said, "Preston, don't put one more finger on that remote." He looked at me, gently placed his thumb on it, and said "Thumb?" [This boy is a handful!]

...is a genuine smarty pants. In an effort to grab my attention, Preston started jumping on the couch. I politely reminded him he wasn't allowed to jump on the couch. To which he quickly replied, "I not jump Mommy. I bounce."

...needs constant supervision. While cleaning bottles he managed to order a $10.00 On Demand movie in Spanish. Nice. Daddy was less than thrilled.

...is a handsome boy. Today I was explaining to him about first and middle names. I've told him many times his full name is Preston William, but I haven't  went into much detail. So I told him his sister's full name was Norah Grace. That my name is Kate Anne. That Daddy is Jeremy Ryan. In typical toddler mode, he then started asking me over and over what his full name was, and Norah's, and mine, and Daddy's. After a couple repetitive minutes went by, I asked him if he remembered his full name. He said, "Yeah Mommy. My name is handsome boy." Adorable. 

 ...finally smiled at six weeks! The big day was June 28th!

...loves her bink, aka plug. On July 1st she started sucking her fingers! I think it will be easier for her once she releases her fist grips - they are constantly closed with her thumbs tucked inside. 

...has a blow-out at least once a week. Ugh. Preston had ONE when he was a baby. 



Preston's Pearly Whites

When I told Preston he was going to the dentist, I wasn't sure what sort of a reaction to expect. Surprisingly Preston told me all about it. "Dentist Mommy! Lay down. Light in mouth. Teeth clean." Thank you Sesame Street! No further explanation needed.

Preston was truly excited as we walked up the steps to the dentist's office. He even picked out his shark shirt to wear, as it had lots of teeth on it! The waiting area was a toddler playground...a carousel horse, children's books, games, and the friendliest staff I'd ever met. But I guess at a pediatric office, the staff is required to lay the smiles and happiness on thick!

We walked in and Preston was telling everyone "Hi!". The staff, other children, and their parents. At check-in I was given a sticker with Preston's name on it. He was thrilled and proudly put it on the arm of his shirt. Before long our name was called and Preston led us down the hall to his room, as if he'd been there many times before.

The hygienist explained to Preston that she was going to brush his teeth then give him a fluoride treatment. She put on her gloves, and gave him a pair to wear as well. He gave them to me to put in his bag, and stood their like a champ, allowing his teeth to be cleaned.

Next he sat on my lap in the chair, opened his mouth wide without hesitation, and the hygienist scraped off what little plaque he had. I was beaming with pride. What a champ!

And the dentist thought so, too! Dr. O'Brien went on and on about what a delight Preston was, and if only all little patients were as cooperative and charming. Truly, Preston was at the top of his social game. Conversing with everyone he met, it was hard for even me to believe he was only two!

As Dr. O'Brien was leaving our room to tend to the next patient, Preston said, "Thank you dentist. See you later." [Adorable]

On the way out Preston was given a goodie bag, picked out a new toothbrush (Mater from the Cars movie), and took his 'token' to the toy tower. The toy tower was similar to one of those toy/bubble gum machines that take 50 cents in return for a prize in a plastic container. Preston chose to put his token in the machine that had hundreds of small, plastic puppies. We took home what appeared to be a beagle.

I was then given Preston's "Oral Health Report Card". Jeremy and I scored a 16 out of 18 total points, as he had a little plaque build-up on his upper front/lip side teeth and NO CAVITIES. I'd say that Preston scored a 16/18, but it's us parents (mainly Jeremy, actually) that do the cleaning! The dentist also noted that Preston had a bit of an overbite, but it may work itself out as he grows older. Only time will tell.

I nearly forgot...since it was Preston's first visit, we were given a complimentary pic of us with Dr. O'Brien. We've had this on our fridge ever since. Preston likes to look at it and talk about the big day!


Father's Day

This Father's Day was extra special since the inlaws were in town visiting. I made reservations at the same restaurant where we had the awesome Mother's Day brunch, but unfortunately they didn't have the full-service, full-on buffet. However, I was still able to snag up some of that delicious bread pudding!

Check out how adorable this pic is. Three generations. Love it!

*Father's Day pic taken June 20, 2010


Babypants in Da House, err Library

I went to my first concert in fourth grade. My mom surprised me with tickets to Bryan Adams. I don't remember any of it, but still have the tiny souvenir t-shirt!

Preston, at the young age of two, just went to his first gig!* Jeremy took him to see Caspar Babypants. Caspar, AKA Chris Ballew, the lead singer of The Presidents of The United States of America, is now the lead singer of this amazingly fun, non-annoying kids band.

The band played at a local library. It was free, but entry required a ticket. The boys got their tickets, had lunch, then went back to the library early enough to score front-row seats! Wooo Hooo....no lighters in this house, sippy cups in the air!! Preston was getting the ultimate concert experience!

And to top off Preston's awesome day out with Dad, he got his Babypants CD signed by all the members of in the band. Can you say 'collector's item'! How cool is that!

I doubt Preston will remember his first concert either. But we'll remind him. And I'm sure Jeremy won't ever forget it. Good times. Great memories.

*Concert date was May 25, 2010. Instead of backdating all the posts I'm behind on since Norah's birth, I'm noting the actual event date at the end of all entries.


Penis Humor

Sometimes, to get through the day, you just need a laugh. And at the expense of poor, innocent Preston, Jeremy got a blog-worthy belly buster!

While changing Norah's diaper, Jeremy called out in shock, "OH NO! NORAH LOST HER PENIS! IT'S GONE!"

Preston, being the ever-attentive two year-old that he is, instantly jumped up from playing with this blocks. "I'll find it Daddy! I'll find it!"

The little guy searched everywhere for Norah's penis. He looked in the pack-n-play, under the rug, behind his picnic table, by his books, and on and on and on.

Jeremy was laughing so hard tears were running down his face. Preston was soo confused. This will probably be something Preston won't ever forget, and one day will tell his preschool friends how his little sister lost her penis.

Real nice Daddy. ;)


Girl Parts

Two months and twelve days ago, on a sunny Seattle Friday morning, Norah Grace came into this world. She came in kicking, screaming, and peeing all over hospital staff. My little charmer.

The morning of delivery I was a wreck. More nervous, by far, than the hours before I had Preston. And all because this time I knew how big of a deal it was to bring a baby into the world. I understood what people meant when they said, "You don't know what love is until you have a child." And the statement is true.

I kept thinking about the risks of a c-section and the 'what ifs'. What if there is something wrong with the baby? How will I handle it if the baby is sick? What if my spinal is put in incorrectly? What if the pain meds make me nauseated? What if the baby is a boy and they screw up his circumcision? What if we get in a wreck on the way to the hospital? What if it's a boy and Jeremy insists on naming it Ryan? What if the spinal doesn't take and I get feeling in my abdomen in the middle of surgery? What if we get a speeding ticket and I'm late for surgery? My mind was taking over and it was not pretty.

But, Jeremy drove us to the hospital safely. We were on-time, even early, and the pre-op began ahead of schedule. Jeremy took a couple pre-surgery pics of me, we filled out cord blood donation paperwork and signed miscellaneous forms. Two nurses and three IV insertion attempts later, Jeremy and I were on our way to the operating room.

Unlike delivering at Ohio State, Jeremy was able to be with me from start to finish. He was able to scrub up and walk into the OR with me. He was the one I held on to (not a nurse), while shaking uncontrollably, as the doc inserted my spinal. He was there and witnessed the nurses prepping my belly with iodine and inserting the catheter. Jeremy was WITH ME, and although he couldn't tell, it made all the difference in my small world. I was really, really terrified. And he was really, really strong.

Finally, it's baby time! Would it be a boy or girl? I didn't care, I just wanted both baby and me to be okay! Dr. Paley and his staff were great at keeping me in the loop. They'd holler over the blue curtain, letting me know when I should feel pressure or tugging. When a few seconds would go by, and I wouldn't hear anything regarding ME (although drugged, I'm certain the nurses/docs were discussing a new car purchase), I'd holler over the blue curtain and ask if everything was okay with the baby, AND if I was okay. After all, there were two humans involved in this surgery!

Soon I heard the beautiful sound of a newborn's scream! And Dr. Paley saying to Jeremy, "Tell her what she's won, Dad!" To which Jeremy replied, "It's a girl!"

Knowing the all-boy history in Jeremy's family, I questioned the accuracy of his gender call. Dr. Paley then held little Norah up over the blue curtain and dangled her wet, cheesy, dripping body over my face...girl parts confirmed!!! And our flood gates opened.

Norah was taken about six feet away from my head for her vitals check, tidying up, and a quick count of her fingers and toes. Jeremy clung to her side while the doc gave me one last chance to opt out of the tubal I'd signed off on earlier. I assured him to go forth with a drugged up, "Totally do it".

In the recovery area I was able to hold Norah briefly before they bathed her. This was the first time I really got a good look at my little girl. What a load of black hair! She was soo tiny, yet at birth weighed in heavier and was longer than her big brother. Her features were soo dainty. I'm still in shock I have a baby with girl parts!

About this time I start to feel a faint sickness. Which then became a severe sickness. The nurse hands me a kidney bean shaped bowl to vomit in. [For real...can people really aim into this tiny bowl? And even if their puke hits it, doesn't it just splash right out? The bowl is about two inches deep?]

I beg for more nausea medicine, but I was at my limit due to the couple doses I had during the surgery. Ugh. This was not looking good. Plus my time in recovery was coming to an end, which meant a trek through the hospital to my permanent room. A trek in which I was lying on my back, blindly going around corners, over bumps in the floor and down an elevator. The situation sucked.

By the time we arrived in my new room I was breathing heavily to avoid vomiting. My eyes were closed, and I had sweat dripping down my neck. Situation: horrible. I tried and tried not to puke, but there was no stopping it. Fortunately my new nurse gave me some sock-looking contraption to let loose in. And that's what I did. Right there in front of my husband and newborn. [Know how dreadful it is to puke just hours after having your abdomen ripped open and sewn back together, being held together with staples? With every hurl I envisioned my staples being shot out of my belly due to pure force. Lovely visual, isn't it?]

Jeremy was a trooper through this entire ordeal. He held Norah nearly the entire time. Changed all her first poo and pee diapers. Swaddled her. He loved her. Thanks to Daddy, Norah's first day into this world was calm and cuddly. I bet she'll be a daddy's girl!

I was sick for HOURS. If memory serves correct, we got to the room around 10:30am, and it wasn't until after 4pm that I was actually able to hold Norah for more than ten minutes. Around 2pm I finally allowed Preston, my mom, and in-laws in the room (we flew the family out for the big birthday!). Poor family, they'd waited and waited in waiting room and we refused to tell them the baby's sex until they were able to see the baby.

Can you imagine being a grandparent IN the hospital waiting room...it's 2pm, the baby was born before 8am, and you have yet to know the sex of your new grandchild? Or better yet, can you imagine how I felt...it was like having the ultimate hangover and not being able to hold the life you brought into the world for six hours? Uh huh, it was torture.

The family's first visit with Norah was brief. They came, they heard about the girl parts, they cried, they looked at her, Preston said, "IT moved! IT movin!", then I asked everyone to leave. Hey, I had to puke! Besides, Preston would have been completely scared to see me blow chunks.

I then broke down and let Jeremy call our friends/family. I was holding off to do it myself, but everyone knew the c-section was scheduled for 7am and figured at this late hour we had people beyond worried. He texted most people, but I asked him to call my Nan and tell her on speaker. I couldn't open my eyes or even talk to her, but I wanted to hear her reaction when Jeremy told her about the girl parts! She was elated!

At last 4 o'clock came, and so did my color. I was no longer pale white, but a pale pink. I was a little hungry. I could hold Norah. I was up for giving my little girl the proper welcome into our family. And so we all visited.

Except for feeling extremely embarrassed and guilty for the way I treated my afternoon shift nurse the day before, I woke up Saturday feeling much, much better. I didn't mean to be a total bitch to the lady. I just wanted help. I wanted to stop the puking. I wanted to hold my baby. And I wanted whatever she could give me. And when she ran out of options, and I was still sick, I was horribly rude and nasty to her. I was one of "those" patients.

The sweet nurse gladly accepted my apology stating she felt just as badly as I did, because she wanted to help me and couldn't. What a sweetheart. She was my afternoon nurse for three days. And each day I apologized profusely. I still feel horribly.

Saturday morning was also the first time I was able to bond a bit with my little lady. She was fascinating. She was lovely. She was mine. She looked a lot like Preston, but girly. (If that even makes sense?) Her hair was super long, and kinky. Her lips so tiny and pretty pink. Longest, thinnest fingers I'd ever seen on a baby. She could be a baby hand model. Her feet were interesting. Okay, they were ugly. Her big toe looked like the thumb of a one year-old. Her other toes were long (as if she had two toe knuckles) and bent over like a hook at the tops. And her pinky toes hid under her foot - literally. Jeremy swears they will flatten out when she starts walking. Until then, when looking at her feet from above, it looks as though her feet have four toes on each foot. She is the most beautiful little creature. My heart is stolen forever. I'm in love.

In the afternoon we Skyped with Nan, Aunt Becky and Uncle Jeff. Never in a million years did I think I'd be introducing my family to my baby girl via the internet. I bet my 84 year-old Nan didn't think so either! They were in awe and were sure to give ample attention to Preston as well.

Preston was mainly indifferent when it came to Norah. He didn't want to hold her and was more interested in his 'prizes' and all the attention he was getting from his grandparents. The kid scored a load of toys, clothes, puzzles and more toys!

The evening was highly emotional. I was exhausted- physically and mentally- and finally had to hint around to our family that I needed to sleep. Inevitably this meant our visit was over since they had a flight back to Ohio in the morning. Of course I wanted to be with everyone during such an exciting time, but on the flip side needed to recover.

Jeremy woke up early to drive back to our house - he'd been staying every night at the hospital -  to pick up the Ohio crew and Preston. He drove our parents to the airport, saw them off and brought Preston back to the hospital. I was anxious to be released and to be back in familiar, cozy surroundings.

Once my staples were yanked out, liquid bandage applied to my incision site, Norah and I had final check-ups and were given the okay for release, we finally left around 2pm.

In the parking lot Norah was first to get buckled in. Then Preston. Myself. And Jeremy in the driver's seat. As we were pulling out Preston said, "Baby sister. Me. Friends." I teared up, held Jeremy's hand and we drove home high on a happy family love spell.


Ya Miss Me Yet?

Wow. Has it really been over a month since I last posted? Of course it has! I'm a mother of two – a toddler and newborn – and I barely have time to shave one armpit before I am beckoned by cries bellowing out of one or both children! But, I'm loving it!

Right now I'm trying to update the sidebar on this blog and have a list of about 10-12 posts to catch up on! So, bear with me, I'm still alive...and as soon as I have time to do my first post (the biggie post, aka the birth story), I should be able to get back into somewhat of a writing groove.

Until then my fellow peeps, have a great holiday weekend!

P.S. The kids are ahhhh-mazing!


Meet Norah Grace

Arrival: May 14, 2010 at 7:49am
Stats: 7lbs, 12oz and 18.5" long

Fingers: A perfect ten!
Toes: Another perfect ten!
Hair: Long, black, crimped and unruly.
Eyes: Large and dark blue.

Appetite: Hearty. We're up to 4oz. a feeding.
Personality: Laid back. Rarely a fussy moment.

Likes: A good arms-free swaddle, a full bottle, and a bink.
Dislikes: Parents who take entirely too long to change a diaper.

Our hearts: Stolen forever.

Check out Norah's first week of life, outside the womb...


Best. Mother's. Day. Ever.

My first Mother's Day was a whirlwind. Preston was still such a little guy, I was still getting used to him, and we were about to move from Ohio to Washington. So, Mother's Day wasn't really an 'event' yet. Although, I do remember my awesome brother-in-law getting me flowers!

Last year Jeremy surprised me with a huge, beautiful hanging basket. But I can't remember much else- please don't kill me husband! Ugh. I suck. Where has my memory gone?

Yesterday Jeremy got up at the crack of dawn and headed out to Starbucks...the dark cherry mocha was calling my name! And, as luck would have it, Preston decided to sleep in, so Jeremy and I got to sit on the front porch, ALONE, and drink our coffees. Peace and adult conversation...not the norm these days, but very welcomed!

Once Preston was up, the three of us went to a tasty brunch – in which I encountered the most amazing bread pudding with a thick, marionberry sauce. I had two helpings, and would have had more if there wasn't a human inside me taking up most of my belly room!

Then, we were off to the driving range! (YES, this was MY idea.) Preston has his own set of plastic clubs that he plays with daily in the backyard, so I thought it would be fun to take him to hit a bucket of balls at what he calls "the golf place". Preston loved it. Jeremy loved it – although he only got to hit about five balls out of forty! And I loved just hanging out as a family.

Last evening before settling into bed, Preston brought me the cutest card, a bud vase that said "I love you mom" and a bag of Ghiradelli chocolates. He's a little man after my own heart – although he doesn't know he stole it when I laid eyes on him – and same goes for his daddy!

So yesterday was pretty much perfect. Our last weekend as a family of three (the baby will be here no later than Friday) will be one memory that I won't ever forget! I love Mother's Day!


The Nest

Here are pics of the alphabet-themed nursery. (You'll notice it's a little less fluorescent than what we did for Preston!)

After the little one is born, I'm ordering wooden letter cut-outs of the baby's name to hang above the crib. Simple and sweet!


Featuring: Milestones & Musings

For a little over three years now (conception to present), I've been attempting to keep everyone in the loop on Preston's weekly milestones and likes/dislikes by updating the side-bar with reader-worthy happenings. My intentions were to print out the blog's posts weekly, so that the side-bar info married up with the body of the blog. Well, I've pretty much sucked whole-heartedly at doing this. So now, after many, many weeks and years of amazing milestones have gone uncharted, I'm creating a new feature, "Milestones & Musings", that will be saved in the main body of the blog and will be at my printing disposal at any time!

Finally, I'm getting my shit together. :)


60% Girl, 40% Boy

Of the 141 friends, family, and faithful blog readers that voted in the Gender Poll, a whopping 86 of you voted GIRL! Could this be true?!

All the online gender quizzes I've taken resulted in 'GIRL' outcomes as well. The baby's heart rate is generally between 145 - 150 bpm. I've carried high and out front. And, I'm craving sweets. So according to all the baby bullshit (admittedly I think it's a bunch of poo) out there, I can expect to be holding a baby girl in less than two weeks. We'll see!

I'm actually indifferent on the sex of the baby. Yes, it would be fun to pick out little pink outfits and play dress up, but wouldn't it also be great for Preston to have a little dude to pal around with? When I see two little boys buddying up, I think it's adorable. And then again, so are the pink dresses. Either way, I'm ready to meet the little one, and can't help but think he/she is not going to wait until the scheduled c-section on the 14th. I'm guessing the 11th.

I've been busy nesting. All of Preston's toys have been disinfected, and so have the baby's. All the newborn clothes, washcloths, bibs, and blankets have been washed; as well as the bassinet and car seat. All the bottles are in the cupboard, and were properly sterilized. And, my bag is packed. I am ready!

In the midst of all the getting-ready-for-baby chaos, we finally had time to take a couple belly shots. (NO, not 'those' kind of belly shots- don't I wish!) But, baby belly shots. I'm proud to say that I've only gained 23 pounds, at 38 weeks. Clearly, you can see the weight gain in my belly, and also in my face and hands- but I'll take this ANY day over the 45 pound weight gain I had with P'Dub!

I'd like to give my husband kudos for these pics. I was in the WORST mood, and just wanted to get them over with. The natural light from outside was quickly fading. Preston was more interested in taking pictures than having them taken. And Jeremy insisted, due to the high stress of creating high-standard photos and my less-than-lovely mood, on listening to Dave Matthews- yuck, ear torture. So, this didn't help. But, the pics aren't too shabby. Thanks babe!


Big Boy Bodot Room

Okay, so it's a 'Robot' room, but Preston calls it "Bodot".

Robot decor:
• Striped sheets, with robot-themed comforter and pillow.
• Robot bank.
• Robot decals placed on doorway, dresser and in horizontal frames on wall.
• Silver dresser to match the silver robots in the bedding.
• Robot growth chart hanging on wall.
• Robot fabric placed over cork board on the bed's headboard.



#1 Reason To NOT Leave the Baby Alone with Preston

This evening, Jeremy asked Preston what he wanted to do with the baby when we brought him/her home.

I elaborated and asked, "Will you help change the baby's diaper? Will you hold the baby? Will you give the baby a toy?"

Preston replied, "Peston eat the baby."

NOT a good sign.


The Final Countdown

With 17 days to go, I'm ready to have this little one NOW! The majority of this pregnancy has been a breeze, but the last week and a half has been ugly.

The little bean has dropped, and is putting pressure in places I've never had pressure before! Since Preston was breech, I didn't have any of that 'pushing down' stuff. I've started sleeping in the spare bedroom, as I just can't get comfortable sharing the bed with Jeremy. My feet and hands are swelling. My arms and legs are numb half the time. And all this extra iron for the anemia is doing not-so-nice things to my colon. I'm sorry, did that last line make you feel uncomfortable....imagine how I feel! Ugh.

I'm more than ready for the arrival of this little lad/lass. Nearly everything is washed- just have the bottles to sanitize. Clothes are ready and folded. And the nursery is in great shape with the exception of putting up the book shelf - but I anticipate that to be done this evening! Once it's all ready and picture-perfect I'll upload some pics.

In the meantime, Jeremy and I have picked out the take-home outfit for the little one. During the hospital tour the guide suggested we bring two outfits, because without fail, the baby will probably spit up on his/her outfit for pics and then we'll be bringing home baby in smelly attire. So, we have two girl outfits and two boy outfits. Check 'em out below.

Unfortunately, we are still in debate regarding names. I thought we were all set on Norah Grace, but another girl name has entered the scene - and we're keeping it a secret! For the boy name, we're pretty much stuck on not LOVING anything. You'd think after nine months we'd agree on something!!!

Anyhow, let us know which outfits you'd pick for a girl and boy. Because technically, we really don't need to take FOUR outfits to the hospital.

Lady Bugs and Polka Dots or Pale Pink Flowers and Petite Ruffles for a girl?
Daddy's First Draft Pick or Brown/Blue Striped Monkey for a boy?
(Click pics to enlarge.)

And don't forget, you only have FOUR days left to vote in the gender poll! So far, 'girl' is in the lead!


The Evolution of An Easter Egg

Start with a hard-boiled egg.

Then, gently place the egg in a water/vinegar/food coloring cocktail.

Next, let the egg soak.

Carefully pull the egg out to check the color.

Ahhh, the final product.


Lady, I'm Keying Your Car Later

True to our Wednesday morning schedule, Preston and I packed up and headed out to our Tiny Tumblers class. Or, as Preston refers to it, "bounce class'.

Since we've moved the drive was a bit longer, but I didn't mind. I'm even considering signing him up for the next 6-week session. Usually, and I stress USUALLY, Preston loves bounce class.

Today was a different story. Little P was more reserved than ever. It's no secret that he's never participated in warm-ups – not ONCE in the last year. But after warm-ups, he's golden. The boy is all over the balance beam, bars, trampoline and any obstacle course in his way. But today, he wouldn't get off my lap. We were tighter than a monkey and his tail – spent the entire class in observation mode. 

And for some damn reason, this prompted a fellow mother to approach me with a suggestion. She politely recommended the book "THE HIGHLY SENSITIVE CHILD: HELPING OUR CHILDREN THRIVE WHEN THE WORLD OVERWHELMS THEM".


Can't my kid have a bad morning? I'll tell you who is 'highly sensitive'...ME, LADY! I'm 35 weeks pregnant, fat, tired, cranky, and you totally pissed me off. If there was ANY way I could have gracefully stood up (sans belly and a 2-year-old velcro'd to my mid-section) I would have laid you out right there.

Instead, I'm totally keying your car later. It will read...

To the lady with holes in her socks,
I've got your 'highly sensitive' right here,
and you can suck it!


Am I Missing Something?

This morning I fixed Preston one of his favorite breakfasts – pancakes and bananas. After finishing round one, he immediately went into panic mode. The kid freaked; breathing heavily, brows furrowed, lip out and nearly screaming...


I couldn't move fast enough. But within minutes, Preston was granted another pancake and a large chunk of newly peeled banana. Immediately Preston's demeanor changed and the calm was instantaneous...


Huh? Two-year-olds are weird.


So, Where Have I Been?

Well, I haven't been on my blog, that's for sure!

This last couple weeks have been a whirlwind. Preston has been full-on in 'terrible twos" mode, c-section for his little sibling was scheduled for May 13th, then just changed today to the 14th (after a plan had already been put into place and tickets bought for the grandparents to fly out from Ohio), we decided to move, and Jeremy is off on a business trip until the 27th! Uh, huh... we've been busy!

So, in the midst of all the big things, I'm still taking Preston to tumbling, going to library classes, baby doc appointments, getting everything in line for the move AND packing! Yikes! It will all be for the best though- our new place is in a fabulous family-friendly neighborhood, with a safe backyard, walking/biking trails and sidewalks! Ahhh, what else could a girl ask for? We are soo excited!

So, it may be awhile before I'm back on the full-time blogging bandwagon. But, I promise, I won't take too long!

Soon, this will be our home sweet home....


Don't Forget to Take Your Vitamins

Ahhh, the age-old saying.

Vitamins (I like to pronounce the word as Bear Grylls does). They keep you healthy, strong, and make up for all the nutrients you aren't getting in your daily life. Heck, if you don't get enough sun exposure, there is a vitamin for that, too! Some people feel they are a bunch of poo- eat healthy, balanced meals and you should be fine. Others wouldn't let a day go by without taking them. And then, there are people like me, who aren't sure what to think- so I take them as directed; when I'm getting a cold or before/during/after pregnancy.

I started taking prenatal vitamins SIX months before trying to conceive Preston. I was a prenatal freak. Never missed a day. They were prescribed by my OBGYN (who was crazy PRO-VIT), and I took them as though my life, and the health of my baby's life, depended on these huge, horse pills. End result = healthy baby, happy family.

Was the health of our little bean, in part, due to the vitamins? Hhhhmmmmmm.I can't help but wonder how the women of the pioneer days ever had a healthy baby. No prenatals, no ultrasounds, no check-ups, no pain killers during labor, no c-sections. How did man ever make it thus far?

I started taking prenatal vitamins TWO months before trying to conceive baby #2. My OBGYN here in Seattle had a bit of a different approach on prenatals. He wasn't do-or-die, like my OB in Ohio. He was more like, "If you aren't eating healthy, balanced meals on a daily basis, then you probably should take the prenatal vitamins. And no one brand is better than the other. It's a bunch of marketing hoopla. Taking something is better than nothing." Okay....so this time around, it's up to ME to pick the prenatal vitamin. Well balanced diet or no, I'm taking something!

So, I started doing research. And did you know that dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA? I didn't. Because of this, all prenatal vitamins are NOT created equal. Which accounts for the differences in nutrients. Which accounts for how easily the pills are dissolved. Which accounts for all the preservatives and/or additives, that we future mothers aren't even aware of. YIKES!

Luckily, I happened upon Fairhaven Health. They are actually located in Bellingham, Washington...not far from me! They specialize in natural products, from pre-conception to post-natal care. Their prenatal vitamin, Pregnancy Plus® Prenatal, prides itself on being all-natural – no artificial colors, dyes, flavors or preservatives. Plus, it's made in the USA! 

So, I tried them out. And, I was very pleased. The pills weren't huge, were easy to swallow, AND didn't upset my stomach. Kudos to Fairhaven Health and Pregnancy Plus Prenatals®! I took the pills for four months, pre-conception through the beginning of my pregnancy. After I ran out, instead of ordering more, I went to my local pharmacy and picked out an OTC prenatal vitamin.

And, guess what- the pills were huge, they upset my stomach, and I wasn't confident about what exactly I was putting in my body. But, I'd already bought the bottle, and continued to take them. Eventually my body adjusted, and I thought all was well. Minimal weight gain, low blood pressure - I even PASSED my glucose test- no diabetes this time! An uncomplicated pregnancy..wowzas!

BUT, I have low iron. I'm taking prenatals, yet my iron is low? Hmmmm. I can't help but wonder if I would be having this issue if I'd stuck with the natural prenatals from Fairhaven Health? They don't add all the extra junk in their vitamins, meaning my body would be absorbing only what it should. And maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't have an iron deficiency. But, I'm supposed to take a prenatal PLUS an iron supplement. Seems crazy! So I think I'll go back to Pregnancy Plus Prenatals® and call it a day.

And who knows, maybe the prenatals didn't make a difference. But, I'll never know. And I'm sticking to my story!


Tig Ole' Bitty

Before I get started on this titillating story, let's review the following definitions.
PRIVATE: Secluded from the sight, presence, or intrusion of others
PUBLIC: Performed or made openly or in the view of all

Now, let's use each word in a sentence.

Class dismissed.
Feel free to proceed reading.

So the other day, while meeting up with some friends at KidsQuest Museum in Factoria, I happened up a woman in the toddler area, breastfeeding her oldest child. Four things were abundantly clear:
1.  The woman hadn't heard of discreetly breastfeeding; i.e. covering up with a blanket, some sort of cover, etc.
2.  She wasn't wearing a bra.
3.  She had no idea how gross her fat bag looked, nor how crazy-long her nip had become.
4. The kid on her tit was old enough to have his driver's permit.

Let's be clear,  I am all for breastfeeding. Wish I could have done it myself, but such is life. But I AM NOT supportive of mothers plopping their goods out freely in public. I get that breastfeeding is natural, and when a kid is hungry, a kid needs fed. But you know what else is natural, taking a mean ole' poo. And you don't see me doing that in the middle of the toddler play area.


Why Jeremy Wants to Kill Me

I can see it out of the corner of my eye. Sitting there, in its original packaging. the crib bumper, sheet, window valance, sheet and dust ruffle. I can see the adorable polka dots and lovely stripes. The colors are bright and bold. And the alphabet letters are too fun! And then I see 'them'. I see those Dr. Seuss 'things'. Those yellow, creepy things. And they are embroidered on this hideous, waffle fabric. These yellow 'things' were cute in the picture online. They were cute, and not embroidered, and not on waffle fabric. At least, not that I could see.


I made a mistake, if you will. Perhaps got over-eager. You know, excited for this next baby. I'm a planner and wanted to get a move on things. But now, nothing is moving much. The nursery is pretty-much cleaned out, but I can't make the move. I can't unpack the bedding set. I've got it listed on Craigslist and Ebay...just hoping someone will want it. Because I don't.

I want something else. I want elephants! No, now I want giraffes! Yes, giraffes. But, the elephants are still cute. Oh wait, nope, back to the alphabet, but not the Seuss alphabet, the MiGi alphabet. Yes, this IS the set. This IS THE SET.

(click to enlarge)

Now, if only the husband will agree.


Meeting Maria

Nearly a year before Preston came into this world, I joined a group of ladies trying to conceive on Babycenter.com. Since then, eleven of us, from the East coast to the West, have been through it all – first and second pregnancies, losses, family woes, personal issues, job losses, and moves. You name it, we've probably experienced it...except for actually meeting in person.

Group history was recently made, however. While on a mini-vacay to SoCal, Preston and I were able to meet up with 'bellaqsmom', aka Maria, and her little one, Bella. We first met up at the Sea Life Aquarium in Carlsbad. From there, a short trip to the beach, then dinner.

On the way to meet up, I was a bit nervous. I wasn't worried she was a baby-snatcher or a murderer or anything like that. I just didn't know if we'd click in person, as well as we do online. Online we basically react to each others posts. In person, you actually have to be personable, chit-chat, etc. But it was easy and comfortable. Maria was great! Bella was awesome! And I'd hang out with them again, any day!


He's Going the Distance

Where: Knott's Berry Farms in Anaheim, CA.
When: January 31, 2010
What: Charlie Brown's Speedway ride
Times Ridden: We lost count after 7!

Clearly: Preston's Happiest Day Ever!


Big Embarrassing Moment #2

Picture this....

Preston and I are in the checkout line at the grocery store. I'm standing in front of the cart, and Preston is in the seat, facing the customers behind us in line. As I'm checking out, Preston keeps saying, "Baby. Baby. Baby. Mommy. Baby." I thought nothing of this, and kept chatting it up with the cashier. Preston kept going on and on and without looking up, I responded, "Yes, Preston. A baby!"

I thought nothing of this. After all, I'm pregnant, so I ASSumed Preston was talking about me. But, of course he wasn't!

Once I finally pulled my head out of my ass, and looked up to see exactly what Preston was doing, I nearly puked out of embarrassment. There, before my eyes and ears, and the eyes and ears of everyone else in line and surrounding lines, was Preston- openly pointing his index finger at the beer belly of the thinner, 40-something gentleman in line behind him. The man, holding chips and soda, and wearing a rather fitting shirt, wasn't two feet from Preston. And for the last couple minutes, Preston had been pointing at the poor guy and humiliating him over and over and over.

At that moment I wished more than anything in the world that I had invisible super human powers. But since that option was out, I fled the scene, hauled ass, high-tailed it out of there. I can't even describe how quickly I moved, but I can assure you, that I haven't moved that fast this entire pregnancy.

I fear this is just the beginning of embarrassing moments to come. Yikes!

Note from author: Embarrassing moment #1 was never blogged about. It happened last spring, when Preston was just starting to talk and make some animal noises. While walking into a restaurant, Preston pointed at this large, overweight, black man sitting on a bench and started growling at him. Preston though he was a bear. Luckily though, the man was none the wiser.


Happy Two!

Preston's new favorite song is "Happy Two". It all started at his birthday party; and we aren't sure if he means "two" or "2"? But it's definitely a combination of "Happy Birthday to You" and the fact that he is now, TWO! But, only he knows, and he's not telling!

We had a fabulous train party for little Preston; complete with family, friends, and two train engineers (aka Grammy and Pappy). There was pizza, cupcakes, ice cream, gifts (or prizes as Preston refers to them), and lots of train paraphernalia!
It was a success!

It's hard to believe Preston is actually two years old. On his first birthday, he couldn't even walk. Now he walks, runs, jumps and goes in reverse! The boy hardly ever shuts up and he rarely sits down. He's K-Z (crazy), and he'll tell you he's K-Z!

Of course, in our eyes, he's a baby genius.
• Takes his clothes off; and puts them back on. Socks are a little tough though!
• Cleans- he's especially fond of the Swiffer, putting away dishes, and dusting.
• Figures out any child lock latch.
• Scales just about any surface. Also loves to hang and swing back and forth.
• Hits a golf ball with a putter!
• Imitates ANY action and loves to pretend.
• Washes and dries his hands and face.
• Draws 'faces' with a circle and eyes- lots and lots of eyes!
• Counts to 5.
• Identifies some colors: green, brown and purple are his favorites.
• Understands terms like 'heavy' and 'bright'.
• Sleeps in his big-boy, twin bed!
• Goes to the potty successfully at least once every other day – a good start!
• Repeats EVERYTHING, then reuses the words later in appropriate circumstances.

Know what else – Preston is finally out of the 5th percentile! He weighs 28.2# (50th percentile), is 33.25" tall (25th percentile) and has a large melon, 50.5cm (90th percentile). The kid's got brains, and small feet! Yep, we're still in size 5's. And actually, we're just now getting into 18-month pants. He's such the perfect little man!

Enjoy the party highlights below...