Captain Preston's 3rd Birthday

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Kate and I am your chief flight attendant. On behalf of Captain Preston and the entire crew, welcome aboard Flight 3333 with nonstop service to Seattle, Wa.

Our flight time will be 3 hours and 3 minutes. We will be flying at an altitude of 3,333 feet/meters at a ground speed of 333 miles per hour/kilometers per hour. (Is everyone picking up the "3" theme...cause I'm laying it down pretty thick!)

At this time, make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position, your seat belt is correctly fastened, and that as of this moment, all electronic equipment must be turned off. Please sit back, and enjoy the ride.”

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The invitation:
Basic template and inspiration courtesy of Anders Ruff. Anders Ruff edited the ticket as I requested, then once I had the file in-hand I personalized names, addresses, and origin airline info. I also created personalized business envelopes for each guest.

The runway:
We clearly transformed the walkway up to our house to mimic a runway. The door sign said TERMINAL P3, and the sign on the left (above the plastic shoe bin) was the security sign asking everyone to remove their shoes.

Airline Check-In: 
Each guest had their own badge. Preston, obviously, was the "Captain". All the adults were "Crew". And the children were "Co-Pilots".

Hanging Decor:
Inflatable airplanes and fluffy clouds were hung throughout the house.

Food Court:
The peninsula in our kitchen was transformed into "runway 3" with an airplane hanging overhead preparing to land. The dining table was also adorned with a runway and airplane. The airport food- small sandwiches, chips, fruit bowls, and nuts- were all appropriately sized and priced. Drinks were served in small clear cups with ice. And the cupcakes (personalized with "Preston 3") ready to take off!

I also altered a .jpg found on Google of an Arrivals/Derpature board to include the "Addy Airlines" name and date. This way displayed on our flat screen tv, that hangs on the wall in our living room, during the party.

Other various signage included: Lil' Pilot's Playspace (in the playroom), Lavatory, Beer Barrel and No Smoking. And of course, on the way out at "Baggage Claim", each guest received their own personalized puke bag. Contents included various airplane-themed goodies, and personalized luggage tags I created.

Thank you letters were sent out on Addy Airlines letterhead.

By now you are probably thinking I'm one of those crazy mom's who goes overboard with decor. And, maybe I am. But I have to tell you..there isn't much airline-themed party stuff out there. Which doesn't make sense considering we live in the state of Washington, i.e. a Boeing mecca. So I HAD to make the decor myself- with the help of my hubby and mother. Which really sucks for a creative-type like myself. ;)


Shit or Get Off the Pot

Does this saying ever make sense NOW!!!

Near the end of November, Preston awoke with yet another 5-pound pee diaper and a rash to match. I showed him the rash in the mirror and told him his penis was not happy. That's all it took. From that point on, he decided he was only peeing in the potty.

Jeremy and I had been moving in this direction with Preston for months but we didn't want to pressure him. Peeing in the potty party was part of our pre-nap and bedtime routines, so we knew Preston could control his bladder. It was just a matter of him "wanting" to make the big move.

And to our surprise, the kid hasn't turned back. He wears underwear all day, even for naps. We've been trying out underwear at night as well, and have had few accidents- he actually gets up at night to pee then goes back to bed. I love it!

Funny thing though...Preston refuses to poop in the potty. He asks for a diaper when he needs to go. He's not afraid to sit on the pot or the flushing sound. I think it's him holding on to being a baby. OR, him just wanting to have control over one of the few things he actually has control over. At this point, we're making him stand by the potty to poop in his diaper. And it's nearly comical- he gets a diaper, I put it on, he goes to the bathroom and yells, "I need piacy (that's privacy, minus a couple consonants)" before shutting the door. Then he comes out when he's finished.

Sometimes though, he likes to throw his parents a bone. He acts all interested in taking a deuce on the big white throne. He even gets excited. But alas, he gets shit shy, and the diaper goes on.

Here is a visual to help...

 Got any shittin' suggestions?