Big Boy Bodot Room

Okay, so it's a 'Robot' room, but Preston calls it "Bodot".

Robot decor:
• Striped sheets, with robot-themed comforter and pillow.
• Robot bank.
• Robot decals placed on doorway, dresser and in horizontal frames on wall.
• Silver dresser to match the silver robots in the bedding.
• Robot growth chart hanging on wall.
• Robot fabric placed over cork board on the bed's headboard.



#1 Reason To NOT Leave the Baby Alone with Preston

This evening, Jeremy asked Preston what he wanted to do with the baby when we brought him/her home.

I elaborated and asked, "Will you help change the baby's diaper? Will you hold the baby? Will you give the baby a toy?"

Preston replied, "Peston eat the baby."

NOT a good sign.


The Final Countdown

With 17 days to go, I'm ready to have this little one NOW! The majority of this pregnancy has been a breeze, but the last week and a half has been ugly.

The little bean has dropped, and is putting pressure in places I've never had pressure before! Since Preston was breech, I didn't have any of that 'pushing down' stuff. I've started sleeping in the spare bedroom, as I just can't get comfortable sharing the bed with Jeremy. My feet and hands are swelling. My arms and legs are numb half the time. And all this extra iron for the anemia is doing not-so-nice things to my colon. I'm sorry, did that last line make you feel uncomfortable....imagine how I feel! Ugh.

I'm more than ready for the arrival of this little lad/lass. Nearly everything is washed- just have the bottles to sanitize. Clothes are ready and folded. And the nursery is in great shape with the exception of putting up the book shelf - but I anticipate that to be done this evening! Once it's all ready and picture-perfect I'll upload some pics.

In the meantime, Jeremy and I have picked out the take-home outfit for the little one. During the hospital tour the guide suggested we bring two outfits, because without fail, the baby will probably spit up on his/her outfit for pics and then we'll be bringing home baby in smelly attire. So, we have two girl outfits and two boy outfits. Check 'em out below.

Unfortunately, we are still in debate regarding names. I thought we were all set on Norah Grace, but another girl name has entered the scene - and we're keeping it a secret! For the boy name, we're pretty much stuck on not LOVING anything. You'd think after nine months we'd agree on something!!!

Anyhow, let us know which outfits you'd pick for a girl and boy. Because technically, we really don't need to take FOUR outfits to the hospital.

Lady Bugs and Polka Dots or Pale Pink Flowers and Petite Ruffles for a girl?
Daddy's First Draft Pick or Brown/Blue Striped Monkey for a boy?
(Click pics to enlarge.)

And don't forget, you only have FOUR days left to vote in the gender poll! So far, 'girl' is in the lead!


The Evolution of An Easter Egg

Start with a hard-boiled egg.

Then, gently place the egg in a water/vinegar/food coloring cocktail.

Next, let the egg soak.

Carefully pull the egg out to check the color.

Ahhh, the final product.


Lady, I'm Keying Your Car Later

True to our Wednesday morning schedule, Preston and I packed up and headed out to our Tiny Tumblers class. Or, as Preston refers to it, "bounce class'.

Since we've moved the drive was a bit longer, but I didn't mind. I'm even considering signing him up for the next 6-week session. Usually, and I stress USUALLY, Preston loves bounce class.

Today was a different story. Little P was more reserved than ever. It's no secret that he's never participated in warm-ups – not ONCE in the last year. But after warm-ups, he's golden. The boy is all over the balance beam, bars, trampoline and any obstacle course in his way. But today, he wouldn't get off my lap. We were tighter than a monkey and his tail – spent the entire class in observation mode. 

And for some damn reason, this prompted a fellow mother to approach me with a suggestion. She politely recommended the book "THE HIGHLY SENSITIVE CHILD: HELPING OUR CHILDREN THRIVE WHEN THE WORLD OVERWHELMS THEM".


Can't my kid have a bad morning? I'll tell you who is 'highly sensitive'...ME, LADY! I'm 35 weeks pregnant, fat, tired, cranky, and you totally pissed me off. If there was ANY way I could have gracefully stood up (sans belly and a 2-year-old velcro'd to my mid-section) I would have laid you out right there.

Instead, I'm totally keying your car later. It will read...

To the lady with holes in her socks,
I've got your 'highly sensitive' right here,
and you can suck it!