There Aren't Words....Well, Maybe a Few

The babykeeper. As if the contraption itself isn't disturbing enough, the name makes it even creepier.

"The Babykeeper" sounds like a name awarded by the media to the creepy guy in your office (you know, the "quiet" one everyone says is just "different") who you wake up one day to discover the police found 17 kids in his basement hanging in these little bungees.

I applaud the sanitary factor, but it makes me uncomfortable.

Betsy, how is it you are familiar with this "thing"...do share.


I'm Too Excited Not to Buy Stuff!

Some people may judge a mother-to-be for purchasing baby items at a mere 8 weeks. And perhaps I am pushing it, but the Doc. gave us great stats and darnit I'm buying stuff!

Since we found out I was pregnant, I've purchased the following items:
• A Kolkraft bassinet that vibrates. Brand new, this bassinet would cost around $60. I purchased it gently used off of Craigslist.

• Caterpillar/Bugs crib bedding set and misc. room items. This was a purchase off of Ebay in which a woman from California had a crib business and was getting out of it. So, she was putting complete bedding packages together...valance, bumper, dust ruffle, quilt, border, lamp, misc. I scored a brand new, 16 piece set for a total of $100 (with shipping).

• Delta Luv crib and Sealy mattress. This was another freakin' steal. Again, a smart find on Craigslist. The crib/mattress were only used to keep the baby confined while the mother showered or cleaned house, as the baby sleeps with the parents. The crib and mattress can be purchased at Babiesrus for $250 and the mattress for $100. I paid less than half the total for both pieces, and the kind lady even threw in a wedge (I think this is some sort of contraption to keep the baby's head elevated so it doesn't drown in its own vomit).

• A bee stuffed animal. It's cheeks light up as it plays an instrumental version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". This we bought at Target, but it matches the nursery theme, so we couldn't resist. (Okay, "I" couldn't resist.) The funny thing about this tiny toy is the fact it has the words "PRESS" embroidered on its chest. This is so the baby can read it and then know where to push...I'm not sure? Disappointing however, is the fact you can't open it up and change the batteries. So, when the juice runs out, it runs out. Which, by the way, Jeremy says the toy will be dead before the baby even gets here because I keep playing with it. :)

Hmmmm... what can I buy next?!


The Ultrasound is Ultra-Amazing!

Being in the waiting room today was much more nerve racking than the last visit. At our last visit, we weren't sure what to expect. This visit was the visit to determine if there would be any more visits at all...would we or would we not see the heartbeat?

Lucky for us...we did! We not only saw the heartbeat we HEARD the heartbeat. It was so amazing that it left both Jeremy and I speechless. We just kept staring at the tiny image on the flat screen in front of us. It's little heart was beating at 163 beats per minute and was flickering like a tiny little beacon...just letting us know that everything was alright.

The little cub had quite a growth spurt as well. He was topping off at about 2cm. The Doc said that all the cub's stats looked excellent and sent us on our way with even better news...we have a .5% chance of miscarriage. We couldn't be happier!

New due date: February 3


My Lovely Lady Lumps...and other symptoms

Ahhh yes, the inevitable symptoms.

• My Lovely Lady Lumps. These things are growing at a rate I can't even fathom. I'm starting to think that breast reduction I had back in '05 was all for not. And honestly, I thought pregnancy breasts didn't happen until the end of your pregnancy when your milk came in. I actually weighed them on my kitchen scale this past week. Jeremy guessed them both at 3lbs each, although the scale said 1.5lbs each. He thinks he's right, of course. :)

• The mood swings. I'm suddenly a major bitch and it's all because of this baby. I can pretty much go from happy to mega-Streisand in a matter of split seconds.

• Reading. I can't stop reading about pregnancy. I'm on babycenter.com, baby-gaga.com, americanbaby.com. I've also bought a number of books...What to Expect When You are Expecting, The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy and Belly Laughs...and I can't even remember the names of the miscellaneous materials I've brought home from the library.

• The sickness. Morning, afternoon, evening...the sickness does not discriminate. I've never loved bagels, Ginger Ale and mints more than I do right now.

• Fatigue. Who can sleep 11 hours every night and still take an afternoon nap? I can!


The Screams Heard Around the World

The corn was seasoned and wrapped in foil. The meat saturated in a bold marinade. And the "special" cookies were carefully hidden in the cabinet by our fridge. Is 1:00pm ever going to get here?!

Finally, my Mom shows up and shortly after Jeremy's parents. We're so excited...they have no idea we are about to tell them they are going to be grandparents!

Everyone settles in. We crack open a couple beers and turn on the stereo. Jeremy is grilling away as the rest of us gather around in the garage and chat away.

After everyone has filled their bellies I'm ready to bring out the "special" cookies. This morning I iced three sugar cookies and then personalized each one with colorful gel icing. My mom's said "Mimi"...which is what she called her grandma. Judy's cookie said "Grandma" and Jeff's cookie said "Grandpa". I couldn't wait to pass them out, but nobody was hungry for dessert. Damnit!

After about an hour of cornhole...and me continuing to fill my beer bottle with Ginger Ale...Jeremy told the parents it was time for dessert! Once everyone came in from the backyard, we passed out the cookies.

There was a brief 3-second pause while the parents were deciphering what the cookies meant. Then...screams. Screams, tears, hugs, more screams, more tears, more hugs, repeat.

The mom's both said they had a hunch Jeremy and I might announce we were pregnant, but after seeing me drinking beer all day (which I mentioned before was Ginger Ale) they quickly ditched that idea.

It was perfect. I only wish I had a video camera!


Jeremy and Dr. Trout ...The Men in My Life

Today was the BIG day...Jeremy and I met with my OBGYN to go over all my test results and have our first ultrasound! What an experience...

As we were waiting in the reception area, I was a bit nervous, but not nearly as nervous as Jeremy! The second we walked into the waiting room I watched my husband's face turn to a pale shade of white, which was then accompanied by a look of panic. He quietly says to me, "I've never been more uncomfortable in my life. I'm the only dude in here and there are all these women around."

The nurse soon called my name and Jeremy and I went back to the exam room. The nurse told me to get completely undressed and Dr. Trout (yes, my OBGYN's last name is Trout...very funny, go ahead...make a joke) will be in shortly.

Jeremy's face is now even more void of blood and is nearly transparent. He looks at me and squeaks, "Babe. Is this normal? Do you always have to take ALL your clothes off?"

I assure him that it is normal and explained that the Doc is first going to give me full exam and then he'll do the ultrasound. Jeremy starts to fidget with his wedding band, like he always does when he's nervous. He then says, "Ummm. I'm not too comfortable with this. Being in the room with another man when my wife is naked is just weird."

I couldn't help but laugh at him (in a nice way, of course). I'd never see him like this and it was quite endearing.

Before I could calm Jeremy down the Doc was in the room and was going through the results. The Doc let us know my blood work was fine and all my numbers were where they should be. He then gave me a general examination.

Shortly after the Doc turned the lights off and proceeded to administer the ultrasound. He started searching for the embryo, but didn't find it immediately.

And there IT was...our little embryo. Our little "cub" as we sometimes affectionately call it. The Doc measured it and it was less than 2mm...which, from everything that I'd read...it was half the size it should have been. I try not to panic, after all, if something was wrong the Doc would tell me, right?!

The Doc didn't give me any indications that anything was wrong, although he did question the date of my last period. I told him I was certain it was April 22nd. He let Jeremy and I know that the baby was too small to see a heartbeat and said to come back in 12 days.

...and this is where the freak-out begins.


The "OB Educator"

At 3:30pm today I stroll into my OBGYN's office for an appointment with Lori, the OB Educator. I proceed to sit through an hour and a half of all thing pregnancy...what to expect and when to expect it, family history, breast feeding, blood tests, what to eat and not eat, the maternity center, and let's not forget all the details of all things bad that can occur during your pregnancy and happen to your baby.

Estimated due date: January 27, 2008