10 Reasons Why I've Sucked at Blogging Lately

  1. Started Christmas shopping the day after my last post and haven't stopped.
  2. I forgot my blogger.com password.
  3. We were visiting family in Ohio for a little over two weeks and had limited internet access.
  4. I'm preoccupied with thinking of a theme for Preston's big-boy room.
  5. I'm preoccupied with wondering if our new baby will be a girl or boy!
  6. Every time I sit down to post, I remember something important I forgot to do.
  7. Deaths in the family. :(
  8. My free time is now nap time.
  9. Been working on darn Christmas cards – and have sent out about 70!
  10. I'm pregnant. And being pregnant is an excuse for everything!


Daddy's New Job: Half-Naked Rainforest Cafe Dude

Today I took Preston to Rainforest Cafe for lunch. We'd been there once before, but P was a little too young to really get into it.

Walking into the restaurant, Preston's mouth dropped wide open and a plethora of "Wows" and "Neats" fell out. He was pointing and laughing and making all kinds of animal sounds. Just darling!

We were then seated by an aquarium, and P'Dub proceeded to pick out all the 'Mommy' fish. (He must know something I don't, because I have no idea how to tell if a fish is male or female.) From our table we had a great view of two elephants. They opened and closed their eyes, flapped their ears, and blew their trunks. Preston, in return, made his own trunk noise.

Preston then noticed the ceiling, with all the twinkling stars. But quickly turned his attention to the primates in the corner making a huge ruckus. P'Dub clapped and cheered. He LOVED it....

...until the lights started flashing, sounds of thunder and rain filled the restaurant, and all the animals started freaking out. Then, little P panicked. I moved his high chair next to me, and he buried his face in my arm, holding on for dear life. Fortunately the storm passed; but Preston seemed a bit traumatized...

...until he spotted Daddy. Yes, Daddy was there! He wasn't in Ohio working; he was standing knee deep in water, practically naked, holding up a sphere reminiscent of a globe, with the words "Rescue the Rainforest" across it. Uhh, huh...Preston thought this guy was his Daddy, and everything was all better!

Preston waved to Daddy. Blew kisses to Daddy. Held his arms out to Daddy and said, "Up!". Preston was really glad to see his Daddy, and it didn't even phase him one bit that Daddy had turned bronze and lifeless.

I am definitely in support of Daddy's new job. Just look at Daddy's abs! Daddy is lookin' good!


All I Wanted Was A Backrub

Gummy Baby* meet everyone. Everyone, meet Gummy Baby.

We couldn't be happier!

*Gummy Baby affectionately refers to the uncanny resemblance between our little bean and a Gummy Bear in the 4-D ultrasound.