Happy Two!

Preston's new favorite song is "Happy Two". It all started at his birthday party; and we aren't sure if he means "two" or "2"? But it's definitely a combination of "Happy Birthday to You" and the fact that he is now, TWO! But, only he knows, and he's not telling!

We had a fabulous train party for little Preston; complete with family, friends, and two train engineers (aka Grammy and Pappy). There was pizza, cupcakes, ice cream, gifts (or prizes as Preston refers to them), and lots of train paraphernalia!
It was a success!

It's hard to believe Preston is actually two years old. On his first birthday, he couldn't even walk. Now he walks, runs, jumps and goes in reverse! The boy hardly ever shuts up and he rarely sits down. He's K-Z (crazy), and he'll tell you he's K-Z!

Of course, in our eyes, he's a baby genius.
• Takes his clothes off; and puts them back on. Socks are a little tough though!
• Cleans- he's especially fond of the Swiffer, putting away dishes, and dusting.
• Figures out any child lock latch.
• Scales just about any surface. Also loves to hang and swing back and forth.
• Hits a golf ball with a putter!
• Imitates ANY action and loves to pretend.
• Washes and dries his hands and face.
• Draws 'faces' with a circle and eyes- lots and lots of eyes!
• Counts to 5.
• Identifies some colors: green, brown and purple are his favorites.
• Understands terms like 'heavy' and 'bright'.
• Sleeps in his big-boy, twin bed!
• Goes to the potty successfully at least once every other day – a good start!
• Repeats EVERYTHING, then reuses the words later in appropriate circumstances.

Know what else – Preston is finally out of the 5th percentile! He weighs 28.2# (50th percentile), is 33.25" tall (25th percentile) and has a large melon, 50.5cm (90th percentile). The kid's got brains, and small feet! Yep, we're still in size 5's. And actually, we're just now getting into 18-month pants. He's such the perfect little man!

Enjoy the party highlights below...


Bump Shot

After numerous requests, here we are! 23 weeks, 5 pound weight gain, and I'm not even puffy. In your face pregnancy number one! Boo-ya.


This Blog is Famous!

Okay, not really. But I did some tooling around with Google Analytics, and was surprised to find my little blog has made it to the big time. Okay, not really. But still, kind of cool for ME!

We've made it onto a 'Who's Who' list on webicina's Pregnancy 2.0 Guidance Package.

And, we've made it onto a Top 50 Healthy Pregnancy list, under the category of Personal Pregnancy Blogs.


Half Baked!

Check out the video below and vote in our gender poll on the left!


Small But Mighty

After breakfast this morning, P'Dub informed me he wanted to go potty. Of course, I obliged. Once in the bathroom, I thought I'd join in on the fun. After all, I'm pregnant, and peeing is what I do -  A LOT. Upon finishing up, I realized the hall bath was out of toilet paper. In fact, I removed it the night before, and took the roll into the master bath; since we were out there, too. Ugh.

I politely asked Preston if he'd go into Mommy and Daddy's bathroom and get Mommy some paper. He shook his head yes and off he went- in nothing but socks! He returned shortly- with not only the roll of toilet paper, but the entire fixture.

One word: Overachiever.

Here is the roll and wall fixture...

And here is the wall he pulled it out of...


A Note to The Little 20-Week-Old Fetus

Dear Fetus,

It's hard to believe you've been baking for 20 weeks now! This pregnancy is really moving along quickly; and, I must say, you have been a dream to carry!

For starters, the sickness has been minimal. Although, I have had it on and off since about seven weeks. Just last week I was unable to complete a dental exam due to all the nausea you were causing me! That, and who really likes other people's fingers in their mouth?

Weight gain with you has been next to nothing. I weighed in yesterday at just 5 pounds up. Craziness, considering with your big brother I was a giant beast of a pregnant lady. In the end I had gained 45 pounds and a nice case of gestational diabetes. You and I won't get checked for that for another couple weeks yet - but I hope we are in the clear! I also hope my scale is right; it must be nearly accurate though, as I'm still wearing pre-pregnancy pants AND am just now squeezing out my normal stretchy shirts. Like I said, you've been a dream!

Tomorrow, your Daddy and big brother and I are going to get to see you on a special ultrasound. It's a big, fancy, flat-screen ultrasound. The techs will measure you and make sure all your bits and pieces are growing as they should. We will also have the chance to find out if you are a boy or a girl. However, your father and I have decided to wait it out and get the big news on your birth day!

We are all getting excited for your arrival, even though it's months away. I think I may have found the perfect bedding/theme for your nursery. But, I'll tell you more about that later, once everything is set in stone.

One day when you and your big brother are older, I will pass on to both of you, bound copies of this blog. This way, you'll be able to see how we all became a family. How it all started, the trials and tribulations, the joys and hopes, and everything in between. I'm sure you'll notice that with your brother, I blogged a lot more during the pregnancy. It's not that you are any less important, or aren't as big of a deal; the difference is that my approach to this pregnancy has been more low-key and intimate. I haven't had many whacky experiences or dramatic events. This journey with you, thus far, has been quiet and serene. Many women have doted about loving being pregnant, and I get that with you. I just hope the second half of the pregnancy goes as well as the first!

However, there is one major struggle. Your father and I cannot agree on an acceptable name- boy or girl, we are in dispute. We've got a couple contenders though.

If you are a girl, we are considering:
• Norah Grace
• Lauren Elizabeth
• Camryn Grace
• Grace (searching for a middle name)

If you are a boy, we are considering:
• Ryan Hudson
• Garrett Thomas
• Dylan Thomas

So, little 20-week-old fetus, does anything above sound like a name you'd like to have for life? If so, drop me a couple signs...maybe a kick or two, I haven't felt you much and would really like for you to start jabbing me

I am really looking forward to seeing you on the big screen tomorrow! When you are older, you'll get to see yourself as well; the office will send us home with a DVD and pictures of you! I couldn't imagine seeing an ultrasound of myself when I was still in my Mom's belly. It would be cool and kinda gross. We'll see how you react when you are older!

Much love little one. I will write you soon.

P.S. I should probably mention (although I'm hesitant), that I am in fact growing a nice lady-beard AND a miss-tache. It's VERY attractive. ;)


Lady Liberty Rocks Out

To you and me, this photo is simply an artist's rendition of The Statue of Liberty. But, to a 23-month-old, this photo is simply a lady with spiked hair holding a 'TAR, which is short for 'Guitar' in Preston-speak.

This piece of art was sitting on the wall atop our booth while we dined at a local bistro. During our entire meal, Preston kept pointing at it and saying 'TAR, over and over and over!

(Note from the author: This post has been back-dated and is written to reflect 'real' time. Due to the holidays and travel, I became significantly behind on updating the blog. So no, this post wasn't actually written on the date shown, you aren't crazy! As soon as I'm caught up, these little disclaimers will be removed!)