Registry Mayhem

Since about two weeks after I found out I was pregnant (okay, one week) I've been diligently working on our registries. I've printed off checklists from both Target and Babies R Us and have spent nearly 70 hours researching the products, checking out the reviews, and doing cost comparisons between the two stores. So, as Jeremy and I walked up to the doors of BRU, I felt pretty confident that I'd done an excellent job and we'd be out of there within the hour.

Our goal was to 'see in person' everything I'd registered for and to add items not available online. As we pushed through the doors, I told Jeremy that "everyone says this place is overwhelming...I'm sure they are exaggerating...I've already done mostly everything online."


The task alone of finding the items I'd already registered for was time-consuming in itself. Online there may have been 10 pacifiers from which to choose, in-store there were upwards of 300. There was an entire wall dedicated to pacifiers and nipples alone!

And, of course, the registry print out didn't have pictures so we had to search the tiny skew tags to see which ones we'd registered for. This pattern was basically the meat and bones of the remainder of our time in BRU.

We actually spent 3 HOURS and 45 MINUTES in-store. That's a total of 73 hours and 45 minutes dedicated to our registry.

The bitch of it all, is probably half of our gifts won't even be from our registry. And I'll be stuck wearing a mint-green Pooh diaper bag with sickening little jars of "hunny" all over it. (That's always bothered me, by the way, the misspelling of honey.)


The Bump is Half Baked

Yep, we've made it to the 20 week mark...we are half way there!

In the last two weeks, I've definitely noticed a big difference in my belly and upper arms. I've also noticed little kicks here and there! Woo Hoo!

As a treat to all my faithful readers, I've posted a mini-clip of the cub's heartbeat. It's a whopping 164 beats per minute! Damn I love that fetal heart monitor.

As you'll see, Jeremy is well on his way to becoming a professional videographer! Just check out the unique angle. :)

Note: At around 11 seconds, you should be able to hear a definitive "irp", which is a different sound than the heartbeat. I'm no expert, but this has been happening a lot lately, and I think it's the baby moving.


Yep, I'm a Sucker

So, I got this email promoting "Parents" magazine. They offered me 3 years for $12.00.

Now I KNOW I'll be a better mother. I mean, God knows there will be a day when I need to have 142 birthday party ideas!

B.U.M.P. and B.F.F.

Friday I was surprised with a package from my Savannian B.F.F...a Baby Under Manufacturing Process t-shirt.

I was also surprised to find it was a S/M! However flattered, I haven't been a S/M since Christ was a kid! I'd upload a pic of me in this t-shirt if I was in the mood for a healthy dose of self-humiliation, but unfortunately today is not that day!

Thank you so much for the shirt Betsy! I do love it, even though I can't get it over my head. :)

Me and Betsy McGee...


Zebra Belly...The Onset of Panic

So far, I've been pretty accepting of the changes that have been occurring to my body. I've also thought I have been fairly realistic about "what's to come." Until now.

Every week I get an update from babycenter.com informing me of how my baby is developing each week, as well as what I physically should/could be in for. Today I found out that I may experience some darkening skin patches; and most importantly, could fall victim to "the mask of pregnancy." As a good woman would do, I turned to Google for pics of this so-called mask.

Lucky me (please note the thick, thick sarcasm)...I ran across a site that prides itself on exploiting the reality of the postpartum body. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest, when I say my life has been forever changed. My heart hasn't stopped beating rapidly since my eyes laid on the disturbing imagery, and like a car wreck, I keep going back to the site and starring at these women. I'm so scared I could puke.

If you feel so inclined to view this newly-found site, please note that there is nudity (and not the good kind). Also know that if you have not yet had a child, you probably won't ever want to.


Our 1st Anniversary: Baby's 1st Buckeye Game

Saturday marked the first anniversary of the day Jeremy and I said our wedding vows! We could hardly believe it's been a year. Traditionally, the 1-year anniversary gift is "paper".

I surprised Jeremy with tickets to the Buckeye season opener and a calendar of our first year together.

Jeremy surprised me with a fancy dinner at Morton's Steak House and tickets to the Trans Siberian Orchestra in December.