The Little Man's First Wheels

Once again, thanks to Craigslist, we scored Preston his first set of wheels. Weather permitting, family bike rides will soon become the norm.

Twice now we've trolled around the neighborhood. P'Dub isn't so sure what to think about his chariot, or his helmet. But as long as were moving and the sun isn't in his eyes, he's content.


Nine-Month Stats

It's hard to believe Preston is nine-months old. Daily, the little man is growing into his personality. Unfortunately he's not growing into his pants.

Weight: 18 lbs. 15 oz. (25%)

Length: 27 in. (10 - 25%)

Head Circumference: 46 cm. (50 - 75%)
...This explains why pulling a shirt over his head is nearly impossible.

In other news:
• A fifth tooth has now popped through the gums!
• Preston waves with a closed fist. (Adorable.)
• 'En Gaa, EnGa, EnGa, EnGa' is the newest sound to exit P'Dubs mouth.
• Boxes, shoes and plastic cups are more interesting than any of the $10 - $50 toys scattered around the living room floor.
• P'Dub initiates peek-a-boo by pulling blankets over his face, waiting a couple seconds, then pulling the blanket away and laughing. (Again, adorable.)
• The little boy in our Baby Fun class at the library is not nearly as scary as the stereo that sits on the mantle.


Judgement Day

Who knew that on Preston's nine month birthday, his lincoln log would have come under such scrutiny...

While visiting our future landlords, their four year old daughter accompanied me to the bedroom for the changing of Preston's diaper. As soon as his diaper was off, lying there in innocence and vulnerability, these little words were muttered...

Puzzled four-year-old: "His pee pee isn't very good?"

Me: "Why?"

The four-year-old points at 'it' and says: "It's kinda small."

And here I thought P'Dub didn't have to worry about his size until he was like 17. Kids these days...they grow up so fast.


Answer: 8.25

How many times did Preston undo his diaper tab while I was getting him ready for bed tonight?


Boo Baby Boo

On Oct. 25, Jeremy, Preston and I will be headed out to Seattle's Baby Loves Disco Halloween event!

For children ages 6 months to 6 years, club Heaven will be transformed into a kid-friendly disco – complete with bubbles, a disco ball, catered food, a d.j, prizes and dancing!

Preston will be all dressed up in his Halloween costume. I can't wait!


Mother of The Year

You know what happens when you don't keep complete, 110% attention on your child?

I do!

You find him hiding behind the chair with the diaper bag open... ripping a $20 spot, gnawing on a nail file and tampon.


Hairy Situations

Preston pulls my hair and laughs.

Preston pulls his own hair and cries.
Pull. Cry. Repeat.
(and I should stop him, right...but I want video!)


Captain Sneaky Pants

The little man of the house has quickly morphed into a sly little fox. He's swift and he's savvy and now laughs in the face of containment.

Our living room keeps P'Dub contained with barriers of the homemade variety – no fancy gates or dog crates here. Stacked pillows...no problem. A heavy box...child's play. The play yard...challenging, but doable. As soon as Preston detects the slightest lack in undivided attention from Jeremy or me, he's on the move. His goal...break on through to the 'other' side (of the living room).

Once I spy the tiny prisoner he's quickly granted a stern, "PRESTON. NO." This is followed by a turn of the head, sneaky grin, panting, and then hauling his crawling rear-end across the floor at speeds nearing 2mph. He's speedy when he wants to be!

And this is how he gets nicknames like Captain Sneaky Pants. Jeremy and I are also fond of 'you little shit' and 'little beast'.


Thank You, Dear Husband

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you for purchasing the jog stroller so that I'd get off my lazy bum and walk with Preston during the week. Thank you for making me hike on the weekends so that I can get a good ol' fashioned outdoor workout. Thank you for walking me when you get home from work early enough. And thank you for the Ab Lounger, which although you cannot see my ever-tightening abs, they are there and getting firmer every day.

Thank you for all this, because today I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans.


Hubby's Fantastic One-Liner

While getting geared up to go downtown Seattle to watch OSU beat Wisconsin, Jeremy and I discussed how different football season is now that we have a baby.

• No pre-drinking – wouldn't be responsible!

• No getting out our car flags and magnets and pimping our ride.

• No shaving Jeremy's chest hair and painting an OSU jersey upon his torso – okay, we've never actually did this. But still, we could have.

• No getting psyched up by listening to music from TBDBITL – no time for such a luxury, we have a baby and he needs stuff. Lots of stuff.

You have to pack with every possible 'what-if' scenario in mind. Like 'what if' Preston's teeth start hurting and he needs Tylenol. Or, 'what-if' Preston gets a nose bleed after someone accidentally hits him in the face during a drunken O-H-I-O chant? What would he need then?

So I pack an extra outfit, extra diapers, wipes, bibs, toys, solid foods, a bottle, a jacket, his hat, his medicine, Tylenol, a thermometer, snacks, a blanket and on and on and on. And let's not forget that we, the parents, need to get ready too. Hellish.

Finally ready, walking out the door, smiling with a half-sigh, Jeremy candidly said...
"Preston hijacked our coolness".

...and he did. But it's okay. 'Cause he's cool enough for the both of us!


Ol' Gap Tooth

Yes, another boring picture of my son. But he's got his top teeth now, and a fifth one on the way! This is a big deal for a Mama. Couldn't help but post...


Arm Shmarm

We were all created with multiple body parts necessary for complete basic human functionality, right? Eyes. Kidneys. Legs. Ears. Fingers. Toes. But of the body parts where there are two, do we really need both? Or is the second one a mere back-up?

That's kind of my take on arms and hands these days. Yes, having two working upper limbs for thirty-two years has made life simple. But now I basically use only one arm. I use my left arm. Because my right arm is holding 18.5 pounds of blabbering, smiling, screaming, stretching, curious, must-be-held spawn.

With only one arm/hand I can load/unload the dishwasher, clean up the kitchen, take out the trash, pick out what clothes I'm going to wear, put away laundry, put away toys, get a drink and/or food out of the fridge, heat up leftovers in the microwave, and of course, check my email. And that's just for starters.

It's obvious now that women were made with two arms so that once they did give life, they would have one arm available to carry that life and with the other arm, could continue maintaining a life. Men have two arms so that they don't have to put down their beer to change the t.v. remote.