Do We or Do We not?

Since October, Jeremy and I have been going back and forth on the "Do we or do we not try to ruin our self-centered lives by conceiving?" After a second-honeymoon to the Riviera Maya at the beginning of April, we decided that we'd give it a go when I ovulated at the beginning of May.

After this decision was made, I quickly logged on to EBay to purchase the infamous 'Fertile Focus' ovulation predictor. It's a cheap little microscope in which you drop a healthy dollop of your stale morning spit onto the lens. When you are getting ready to ovulate or actually ovulating your saliva gets a "ferning" or "crystalizing" pattern to it. And once your spit dries, you push the LED, focus in on your spit patch and check for the ferns!

I quickly became obsessed with this little lipstick-sized contraption. I would wake up at all hours of the night just checking the clock to see if it was time to put my spit to the test. I found it hard to wait the 5-10 minutes for my spit to dry. So, I'd put it under the fan in our bedroom or turn my hair dryer on it (on the 'cool' setting, of course). This wouldn't satisfy my obsession as I would then feel like I wasn't getting an accurate read, take the thing to work and test in mid-afternoon.

Finally...ferns and crystals...a girl's best friend. Or, so I thought. And so did the dear husband. WRONG. One might think..."This is going to be great. We get to do it all week! This is like the best week ever." Again, WRONG.

When you aren't 'doing it' to make up, because you are drunk or just because you are newlyweds and you start 'doing it' to conceive, it really changes the entire dynamic. Let's just say we were like two virgins on prom night...we were scared, we weren't sure 'if we were doing it right', and we were doubting our decision the entire time.

But, we've got our fingers crossed!

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