as there are so many options floating around inside my melon, and I just can't narrow it down to one.

Here are a few I've been considering:

A. Shit Happens!
B. P'Dub Blamed It On The Monkey
C. Stay-at-Home Moms Can Have A Bad Monday, Too!
D. What's Wrong With This Picture?
E. But I Don't Have a Pooper Scooper
F. They Don't Mention THIS in Parenting Books!
G. I'd Like A Monday Morning Mulligan Please
H. At Least They Are Solid
I. P'Dub Really Does Give Two Shits About His Crib
J. Diapers Need Combination Locks
K. After Seeing This, Calling P'DUB 'You Little Shit' Is No Longer Appropriate. DANG!
L. Jeremy Will Be Soo Proud
M. I thought "Well, Shit The Bed!" Was Just A Saying
N. Why?


MommyBrain said...

They all had me laughing,but Letter I is my absolute favorite!

Ha, ha, ha!

Hope your Tuesday gets off to a better start :)

Tara said...

I love M! Laughed out loud on that one.

V♥lesh♥ said...

Definitely go for letter I! Sooo funny! I love your sense of humor! Totally up my alley!

Maggie, Matt and Isabella said...

Oh my gawd are you serious? Did you tell me about this? Oh Kate, you are so funny.