Song Choice or Bad Pipes?

On the half-hour trip to P'Dubs pediatrician's office, he was in the best of spirits- pointing at passing trucks, waving at the drivers and drawing on his generic magna-doodle. As we turn off the interstate, I was less than displeased with the music selection, and started drifting through one preset to the next, finally landing on the theme song from Titanic.

I then took a mind trip back in time to college years spent at Ohio University. I actually saw Titanic at the old Athena Theater on Court Street. Yes, I wasted a couple hours of my life watching two people run around in water, but hey...I liked it.

Being that it's just me and Preston in the car, I start belting out a couple high notes- none of which sound good, but everyone knows you sing your best in the car. Verse after verse I realized I pretty much knew the entire song, without lyrical error. Oh man, the memories!

Nearing the end of the song I realize P'Dub is silent as a monk. So at the next red light I turned around to make sure he was okay. But he wasn't. My child was in pain and agony. His face covered in confusion. His brows furrowed. And both index fingers inserted into their respective ears.

Dang. Tough crowd.

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Mimi said...

Ok, that made me laugh out loud- thanks, I needed that!