60% Girl, 40% Boy

Of the 141 friends, family, and faithful blog readers that voted in the Gender Poll, a whopping 86 of you voted GIRL! Could this be true?!

All the online gender quizzes I've taken resulted in 'GIRL' outcomes as well. The baby's heart rate is generally between 145 - 150 bpm. I've carried high and out front. And, I'm craving sweets. So according to all the baby bullshit (admittedly I think it's a bunch of poo) out there, I can expect to be holding a baby girl in less than two weeks. We'll see!

I'm actually indifferent on the sex of the baby. Yes, it would be fun to pick out little pink outfits and play dress up, but wouldn't it also be great for Preston to have a little dude to pal around with? When I see two little boys buddying up, I think it's adorable. And then again, so are the pink dresses. Either way, I'm ready to meet the little one, and can't help but think he/she is not going to wait until the scheduled c-section on the 14th. I'm guessing the 11th.

I've been busy nesting. All of Preston's toys have been disinfected, and so have the baby's. All the newborn clothes, washcloths, bibs, and blankets have been washed; as well as the bassinet and car seat. All the bottles are in the cupboard, and were properly sterilized. And, my bag is packed. I am ready!

In the midst of all the getting-ready-for-baby chaos, we finally had time to take a couple belly shots. (NO, not 'those' kind of belly shots- don't I wish!) But, baby belly shots. I'm proud to say that I've only gained 23 pounds, at 38 weeks. Clearly, you can see the weight gain in my belly, and also in my face and hands- but I'll take this ANY day over the 45 pound weight gain I had with P'Dub!

I'd like to give my husband kudos for these pics. I was in the WORST mood, and just wanted to get them over with. The natural light from outside was quickly fading. Preston was more interested in taking pictures than having them taken. And Jeremy insisted, due to the high stress of creating high-standard photos and my less-than-lovely mood, on listening to Dave Matthews- yuck, ear torture. So, this didn't help. But, the pics aren't too shabby. Thanks babe!


Wei Sic Meow said...

Gorgeous pics. And may I say, a very lovely bump! :)

Heidi P said...

OH SO CUTE!! It was soooo fun to see you on Friday! I hope to see you so much more over the next few months friend! Heidi Pearson

Rachel said...

Great pictures!! You are all belly girl! Can't wait to hear if you have a little man or little lady!

Joey said...

You're glowing! Those pics are so much better than the cheesy pics we took when I was prego! I hope you're loving your new house and I wish I was there to see the new little one! I can't WAIT to hear the news...
Boy or girl...hmm....I bet it's a girl too!

Stacie said...

You look amazing! Those are really good pictures.

I never bought into the gender "myths" or whatever they're called. I think every woman carries their babies differently regardless of the baby's gender.

You'll know soon enough! YAY!

JenRN said...

I agree on the gender thing- I have one girl toddler now. I guess baby #2 doesn't matter as much for the same reasons you have. But baby #3 does!

Become pregnant said...

Those pictures are great!

pregnancy.womanitems.com said...

ahahhahaha...... pregnancy woman picture.

How about the baby now?

Brittany said...

At 22 weeks, my bump is growing very rapidly harboring the new love of my life (my little boy). I swear there are times when I feel like it is growing at that very moment... like I can feel it stretching. :)