Norah Grace Don't Care

Have you ever been asked the question, "If you were an animal, what animal would you be?" I have, and my answer is always sea otter. BUT, have you ever been asked, "If your daughter was an animal, what animal would SHE be?" Yeah, I haven't either. But if I were to be asked, the answer is blatantly obvious...HONEY BADGER. And not just because she can make this AWESOME "honey-badger-crazy-face", but because she's got serious honey badger ways.

Did you know the honey badger is listed in the Guinness World Book of Records as being the word's most fearless creature? Norah Grace* just happens to unofficially be the most fearless toddler in the state of Washington. Coincidence? Hmmm...read on...

Just as the honey badger, Norah Grace is aggressive and has few predators. She can clear out a children's play area within seconds. She pulls hair, throws sand, scratches eyes, puts her finger in older kids' mouths and fish-hooks them until their inner cheek bleeds. She'll push an 8-year-old over without hesitation, just to get up the slide first. She'll scratch the face of an adult, then laugh in her face (ask my friend Jenn- she's a victim).Norah Grace don't care. Norah Grace will smack the shit out of a kid for looking at her the wrong way. I've seen it. I myself have probably qualified for a Guinness record: the most parents giving me the stink eye within a minute.

Norah Grace has an extremely wide diet. She eats anything and everything – from broccoli to bugs. If it fits in her mouth she's eating it. She doesn't question it, doesn't think about it, just pops it in her chops. Like the honey badger, she's a forager. Three meals a day with snacks in between isn't enough for Norah Grace. It's not uncommon to find her under the kitchen table picking up small, dehydrated food particles that have been wedged into the braids of our dining room rug. I've also caught her eating grass, small rocks, and most recently the tip of a giant Color Wonder marker (Which, off-topic, Preston was relieved to find out she'd eventually poop out. This way we could glue it back on. Yay!) Norah Grace is just crazy.

Both Norah Grace and the honey badger are accomplished climbers. Badgers can easily climb up to into the uppermost branches of trees to raid bird nests or beehives.  Norah can easily scale any dresser or cabinet structure in order to destroy (or eat) what she finds. Whether she pushes her baby stroller up to the cabinet to give herself a boost or uses the knobs as foot holds, she reaches her destination. Once atop a table, she recklessly clears the area by tossing all objects to the ground (or eating them). Norah Grace don't care. In her words, "I MESS!"

Honey badgers only weigh up to 30 pounds. Small, but fierce. Norah is about 25 pounds. Not "intentionally designed" to be fierce, but fierce nonetheless.

Couple determination with a high pain tolerance and nothing can stop the honey badger. The honey badger can get stung repeatedly by bees or temporarily pass out from a venomous snake bite, but the badger doesn't change its course. Similarly, Norah Grace can run full force into the sharp corner of a wall, resulting in a liquid-filled lump the size of a bouncy ball protruding from her skull, and she's barely phased. Norah Grace has WILLINGLY pulled the majority of her index fingernail off...blood dripping down her hands...and the only sound out of her mouth was a proud, "Mommy, I pick!" She's pretty bad-ass. Hell, the girl is missing part of her front left tooth and I have no idea when or where it got knocked out.

Ya know, in South Africa a permit is required to capture or keep a honey badger in captivity. While there are many cases in which I support the idea of  men and women being required to obtain a permit prior to becoming a parent, I'm truly glad this isn't a reality. Otherwise my wild and free-spirited little honey badger would probably not be turned over to my care.

(If some of the humor of this post escapes you, watch this, then read it again.)

*Disclaimer: Norah, when you are older and reading this please know I love you with all my heart. And I promise you upcoming posts about how sweet you are. Just not today. But someday, once you get out of this honey badger stage.*


syeds said...

Signs of natural love and affections, love doesn't mean only attraction and sex but also cares and understanding. Very true concepts are described ..very well written.

Sheila Burnett

MMMendelsohn.Family said...

I love this! My son and Norah Grace could be best friends - they would survive each other! Great post and so well written!

jimi said...

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Crystal said...

My son is a honey badger too! He is not even three yet and has managed to actually be bitten by a water moccasin (that took 24 vials of antivenom,so maybe not exactly honey badger) but has no scars or permanent damage, stung by a cow ant, had a mild concussion, and the list goes on. This kid is fearless!