The Cesarean Section

After finding out Preston was breech and that delivery by cesarean was the fate handed to me, I did A LOT of research about the procedure – I drilled friends who have had cesareans, I made pages of notes to ask my OB, and of course, scoured the internet. Before walking into L&D last Wednesday morning, I thought I knew exactly what to expect.

I expected to be hooked up to machines, interact with a number of nurses, anesthesiologists, doctors, and med students. I expected to be stripped of any dignity I had as I lie numb, naked and basted with iodine while being prepped for the biggest moment of my life. I expected that Jeremy would join me just before the first cut was made and that I would become nauseated from the pain medicine in my spinal. I expected to briefly see my baby before he/she was whisked off to the NICU or nursery for testing and observation, only to be reunited hours later in the postpartum room.

This isn't exactly the labor and delivery I had hoped for. And for months I'd fretted over missing out on the "childbirth experience"- the labor(I know, I'm crazy), the cutting of the cord, and the immediate family bonding once baby would be laid upon my chest. Fortunately for myself and Jeremy, the entire experience was not what we expected and it fulfilled our hearts with a love and joy that is unexplainable. (Okay yes, I'm not going soft.)

The staff at The Ohio State University Medical Center took excellent care of us. Before the procedure each staff member involved with the cesarean stopped by pre-op to introduce themselves and to answer any questions we had. Once inside the operating room, the head nurse and anesthesiologist were amazing. They made sure to give me a play by play of what they were doing, why they were doing it, and what it should feel like. They also were great at small talk...which I'm usually not a fan of, but when you can see the nurses counting the instruments you are about to be cut open with, small talk is very much welcomed.

Before I knew it, the spinal was placed, I couldn't lift my legs, the blue curtain raised, and Jeremy by my side. There was minimal tugging and pressure before a nurse exclaimed "It's a boy! We're pulling him out bottom-first! He's definitely a boy!" Preston wasn't crying much at first, which nearly spun me into panic mode, but it was a matter of seconds before he started wailing! What relief! The boy has pipes!

Jeremy was then allowed to get video of my OB holding Preston before whisking him off to be examined at a table within the OR. Jeremy was also permitted to cut the cord take pictures! This is not what we expected!

I tried turning my head to see Preston on the examination table, but all I could make out what his tiny leg. Within minutes Preston was given an 8/9 on his Apgar test and Jeremy was able to hold him next to my face. Due to my position on the OR table, I still couldn't get a good look at my newly born son. The nurse noticed my desperation and let me hold the baby on my chest (with her help, of course)! This was my big moment. I couldn't have been more in awe. I just froze and looked into his little blinking eyes and instantaneously fell in love like I never knew possible.

I couldn't even tell you if I held Preston for 15 seconds or 5 minutes before they took him to the nursery for observation, but to me it felt like a lifetime. I couldn't have been more elated.

Once in my postpartum room I was tired yet running full speed on adrenaline. Unable to get out of bed to care for the baby, Jeremy quickly transformed into DAD OF THE YEAR. He was changing diapers and swaddling our baby like a pro. I couldn't be more proud of my two men. I love them both so much.

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Monique said...

I can't tell you how much hope this gives me now that I'm facing the same fate. Thanks for sharing your story.