Holy Heat Rash

For those of you who know me personally, you are probably aware that I'm a freak about making sure Preston isn't cold. Perhaps it's because he was a winter baby? But I've been known to cover him unnecessarily and/or layer his clothing 'just to be sure'. And until yesterday, my actions haven't effected him negatively.

Last evening as I was giving P'Dub a bath, I came upon a large patch of red raised bumps on his lower back. They were all different sizes, and the big ones had white centers (I later found out these are blisters.)

Cause: I ran errands for a couple hours and Preston was forced to sit in his sweat-box of a car seat. The outside temperature was in the upper 70's. And did I mention I had TWO onesies on him: the basic, thin white onesie and then a heavier, shirt-like one.

Effect: A case of the ol' heat rash a.k.a prickly heat a.k.a summer rash

Top it all off, I coated his back with Aquaphor, which has proven to be the miracle of all miracle creams. Later, after Preston was fast asleep, I researched how to soothe a heat rash. And in big bold letters I read DO NOT PUT OINTMENTS OR CREAMS ON THE RASH. THEY ONLY COVER THE PORE OPENINGS AND SEAL IN THE HEAT.

Okay, so I'm no longer in the running for Mom of the Year.

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Rachel (BC) said...

Aww you're still a great mom I'm sure :) Funny that you posted this because every time I got Audrey out of her seat today she was so hot and her cheeks are red. It was about 95 here today. I hate having to make her ride in the truck.