Life Lessons Learned

Nearly a week into our Seattle trip all is well and running along smoothly. Preston has adjusted to the hotel life and sleeping in a Pack-n-Play. And Mommy is slowly starting to realize Preston isn't going to freeze just because he's sleeping 4" off the ground, and is not turning the heat up so high.

Although we're only half-way through our stay, I've already learned a couple life-lessons. And I've learned them the old-fashioned way – by experience!

Lesson #1: Children will be completely healthy for months, then become sick at the most inopportune times. Dr. Ben confirmed Preston has a stomach bug, hence all the pooing. Preston is still not 100%, but is getting better.

Lesson #2: The people who love you the most will inevitably, at some point in your life, shit and piss on you. I'm speaking literally here...at 2:40 in the morning...by the soft glow of a night light...with a smile on his face. And I'm not talking about Jeremy.

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