Surprise! Surprise!

I don't think a day goes by when Preston doesn't surprise me in one way or another. He's soo witty and smart...and ornery and sneaky! I never know what's next.

Why just last week I was surprised to find out he had TEN teeth...two of which were top molars he'd been hiding. And then there was the day he started putting the star shape in the star hole in his shape-sorting toy; usually he just goes for the circle. He also recently learned how to jump on the trampoline in his tumbling class - he doesn't get any air, but he's got the knee bending down!

This past Monday morning, when I 'thought' he was awake and ready to get up for the day as he'd been talking to himself for at least ten minutes, he surprised me once again. Upon walking into the room he became instantly silent. There Preston was, lying on his side with his monkey in-arm. Eyes shut, quiet as can be. Then all of the sudden his arm went straight up in the air - eyes still shut - and he started waving. Then he burst into laughter and so did I. Quite the little jokester!

The biggest surprise yet came this morning during bath time. My kid dropped the loaf of his lifetime in the water. Was I more surprised by the actual size and shape of the turd or the fact that he did it in the tub...I don't know?

Ahhh, good ol' surprises. Sometimes they are welcomed. Sometimes they are not.


Stacie said...

He sounds absolutely adorable! Kids are so funny. You never know what they're going to come up with, huh?

I keep wondering when the day will come when my little one will go #2 in the bathtub. It's going to happen, I'm sure.

Mimi said...

Bathtub turds! Oh joy!

Sherye said...

Your little Preston is adorable; I love reading about your experiences. I was wondering where you found the "drunk bay" onesie? I'm expecting my first in late November and I really want one!


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