15 Months Old...

22 pounds and a little over 29 inches long. Since birth, Preston's gained 15 pounds and grown about 10.25 inches. He's still kickin' it in the 5th percentile as far as height; and his head is still going strong in the 90th percentile. My boy has got the body of a lollipop!

The pediatrician said Preston's melon is large because his brain is growing nicely - this is a good thing, by the way - means he has 'smarts'. It makes total sense though. After all, Preston just recently discovered his left nostril. And while eating dinner, he likes to hold his left index finger up it; eating with his right hand only. Preston doesn't pick his nose, he just rests his finger there...during dinner...yep, big brain.


Stacie said...

*stands up and waves*

"Hi, I'm Stacie and I am new to your blog."

Okay, my daughter must be ginormous.

I took her to her 10 month well baby check-up yesterday. She's 22 lbs.-- 88th percentile. 30 1/4 inches tall-- 96th percentile.

Your son is an absolute cutie!

bambinoblog said...

I'm also new to your blog, but had to leave a comment, because picturing your little guy eating with one finger up his nose is hi-lar-ious. As funny as the Easter and Santa pictures (in a good way). :-) -Amy

Prego_Advisor said...

That's a very pretty baby. And growing long and strong. Keep up the good work.

Monique said...

I think you need to get a photo of the finger up the nose at dinnertime. Too hilarious for words. And thanks for dropping by my blog the other day! Good to hear from you!