P'Dub is a 'Butt Man'

Bella's birthday marked a couple milestones for Preston. Not only was it the first time he'd been invited to a birthday party, but it was the first time his girlfriend (Bella) had a birthday!

Being a normal 20-month-old, Preston was unsure about what gift would be appropriate, what he should wear, and if he'd be the youngest chap at the party. After all, Bella is nearly four months his elder.

I tried to ease his fears. We picked out birthday gifts off the registry, so not to disappoint. Had his hair cut the day before the big event. And tried on a couple outfits, just to be sure he'd look as dapper as possible.

As we headed out the door, Preston was pumped and oozing cuteness – small bouquet of freshly picked flowers in-hand. The boy was ready to party! (But not too hard, I warned him of hangovers.)

Little did I know how much confidence the tot was sporting. Nearing the end of the party, I asked Bella to stand by Preston so I could get a picture of them together. Up until that point, Bella was busy entertaining guests, and Preston was solely interested in a toddler-sized car that was at his disposal.

Bella bashfully walked to Preston's side. It was instantly obvious how excited he was to see her – First he grinned, then ever-so-smoothly reached over and started rubbing her BUTT CHEEK. Nope, that's not a typo. P'Dub went out on limb, and boldly went where no 20-month-old has gone. He copped a feel. Watch the story unfold in the pictures below!

Image #1:
P'Dub going in for the kill, intently gazing into Bella's eyes.
Her eyes warning, "Boy, whatcha doin? My papa will hurt you!"

Image #2:
Bella's seeking reassurance, "Hey Mom, this is cool, right?"
Note that Preston's hand is blurry from the up/down/rubbing motion; and that his left hand is still on the wheel. (This kid will be a pro by 16!)

Image #3:
P'Dub pulled it off, and he's quite pleased with himself.
Bella's trying to play it cool, in case her papa is watching.


101 Days Until Baby said...

Aww...Young Love :)

seadragon said...

Made me laugh out loud. That is really funny.

Tara said...

So cute! I love his smile in the last picture!

Anne said...

Amazingly like his Dad towards his Mom on their first date, even to the point of doing it right in front of a parent! ... except that it wasn't on the first date :)Butt-rubbing must be an Addy genetic trait.

Forgot Wirless Password said...

Too cute!