Ohhhhh, the Irony

This morning, pesky little P'Dub was his usual toddler-terror self, destroying everything in his path. When the 'quiet' filled the house, I knew he was up to something.

I tip-toed back the hallway and found him steadily destroying the souvenir bag he received in October at his girlfriend Bella's birthday party. One by one, Preston was peeling the letters of his name off the bag.

Instead of Preston, the bag now affectionately says 'PEST'!


(Note from the author: This post has been back-dated and is written to reflect 'real' time. Due to the holidays and travel, I became significantly behind on updating the blog. So no, this post wasn't actually written on the date shown, you aren't crazy! As soon as I'm caught up, these little disclaimers will be removed!)

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excruciatingly said...

I just spent a few minutes gazing at your pesty P'Dub on your rotating picture thingamabopper. He is all that and a bag of chips. BBQ chips. With extra sugar and red powdery stuff.

Your disclaimer: witty and anal. Much enjoyed.