And So I Cried

P'Dub says a lot of words. He talks all the time, communicates well, and is sometimes literally bossy. But, the kid won't give me a kiss for anything. If I ask for one, he'll walk over and stick his cheek out. Same goes for verbalizing anything affectionate. He's not the same with his Daddy, though. Nope, Daddy shits ice cream. Daddy gets kisses on the fly. Daddy is the bees knees.

But, today....today, Preston loved me for once! Jeremy was putting him down for his nap, while I was tending to some chores in the other room. I yelled out to Preston, "Have a good nap buddy. Love ya!" To which he replied, "LOVE YA!"

A couple minutes later Jeremy walked into the room I was working in to find me sitting on the floor, head down, crying my eyes out. Those were the sweetest words Preston has ever muttered.

He loves me! He really loves me!


Maggie, Matt and Isabella said...

Don't worry about it. Bella is a parrot for ANYTHING but flat out refuses to say "I Love You" or anything close to it. Not once, not to anyone. But for all I know maybe she's murmured it to chocolate ice cream a few times.

Sana said...

My son is too young to talk (6 month) but my nephew (4 years) replies with a "love you too much" every time I say, "love you baby". :)

Sweetest words ever! :)

Anonymous said...

Often I stop and tell Hadley That I love her and she makes me sooo happy. She replies in the sweetist little girl voice "You make me so happy too mommy." My eyes well up and I nearly cry each time.

Clare said...

Great blog :)