Happy Two!

Preston's new favorite song is "Happy Two". It all started at his birthday party; and we aren't sure if he means "two" or "2"? But it's definitely a combination of "Happy Birthday to You" and the fact that he is now, TWO! But, only he knows, and he's not telling!

We had a fabulous train party for little Preston; complete with family, friends, and two train engineers (aka Grammy and Pappy). There was pizza, cupcakes, ice cream, gifts (or prizes as Preston refers to them), and lots of train paraphernalia!
It was a success!

It's hard to believe Preston is actually two years old. On his first birthday, he couldn't even walk. Now he walks, runs, jumps and goes in reverse! The boy hardly ever shuts up and he rarely sits down. He's K-Z (crazy), and he'll tell you he's K-Z!

Of course, in our eyes, he's a baby genius.
• Takes his clothes off; and puts them back on. Socks are a little tough though!
• Cleans- he's especially fond of the Swiffer, putting away dishes, and dusting.
• Figures out any child lock latch.
• Scales just about any surface. Also loves to hang and swing back and forth.
• Hits a golf ball with a putter!
• Imitates ANY action and loves to pretend.
• Washes and dries his hands and face.
• Draws 'faces' with a circle and eyes- lots and lots of eyes!
• Counts to 5.
• Identifies some colors: green, brown and purple are his favorites.
• Understands terms like 'heavy' and 'bright'.
• Sleeps in his big-boy, twin bed!
• Goes to the potty successfully at least once every other day – a good start!
• Repeats EVERYTHING, then reuses the words later in appropriate circumstances.

Know what else – Preston is finally out of the 5th percentile! He weighs 28.2# (50th percentile), is 33.25" tall (25th percentile) and has a large melon, 50.5cm (90th percentile). The kid's got brains, and small feet! Yep, we're still in size 5's. And actually, we're just now getting into 18-month pants. He's such the perfect little man!

Enjoy the party highlights below...

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