Lady Liberty Rocks Out

To you and me, this photo is simply an artist's rendition of The Statue of Liberty. But, to a 23-month-old, this photo is simply a lady with spiked hair holding a 'TAR, which is short for 'Guitar' in Preston-speak.

This piece of art was sitting on the wall atop our booth while we dined at a local bistro. During our entire meal, Preston kept pointing at it and saying 'TAR, over and over and over!

(Note from the author: This post has been back-dated and is written to reflect 'real' time. Due to the holidays and travel, I became significantly behind on updating the blog. So no, this post wasn't actually written on the date shown, you aren't crazy! As soon as I'm caught up, these little disclaimers will be removed!)


Tara said...

Are you sure he wasn't saying Tara?

Mama K said...

I'd like to think that he was, but he was doing his air guitar/strumming his belly. Sorry dude.