Babypants in Da House, err Library

I went to my first concert in fourth grade. My mom surprised me with tickets to Bryan Adams. I don't remember any of it, but still have the tiny souvenir t-shirt!

Preston, at the young age of two, just went to his first gig!* Jeremy took him to see Caspar Babypants. Caspar, AKA Chris Ballew, the lead singer of The Presidents of The United States of America, is now the lead singer of this amazingly fun, non-annoying kids band.

The band played at a local library. It was free, but entry required a ticket. The boys got their tickets, had lunch, then went back to the library early enough to score front-row seats! Wooo Hooo....no lighters in this house, sippy cups in the air!! Preston was getting the ultimate concert experience!

And to top off Preston's awesome day out with Dad, he got his Babypants CD signed by all the members of in the band. Can you say 'collector's item'! How cool is that!

I doubt Preston will remember his first concert either. But we'll remind him. And I'm sure Jeremy won't ever forget it. Good times. Great memories.

*Concert date was May 25, 2010. Instead of backdating all the posts I'm behind on since Norah's birth, I'm noting the actual event date at the end of all entries.

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