Penis Humor

Sometimes, to get through the day, you just need a laugh. And at the expense of poor, innocent Preston, Jeremy got a blog-worthy belly buster!

While changing Norah's diaper, Jeremy called out in shock, "OH NO! NORAH LOST HER PENIS! IT'S GONE!"

Preston, being the ever-attentive two year-old that he is, instantly jumped up from playing with this blocks. "I'll find it Daddy! I'll find it!"

The little guy searched everywhere for Norah's penis. He looked in the pack-n-play, under the rug, behind his picnic table, by his books, and on and on and on.

Jeremy was laughing so hard tears were running down his face. Preston was soo confused. This will probably be something Preston won't ever forget, and one day will tell his preschool friends how his little sister lost her penis.

Real nice Daddy. ;)


excruciatingly said...

There are no words for the hilarity. None.

Anne said...

hahaha! lol! so innocent but funny... Women's Health Questions

Mylvin said...

This is a cute story and yet funny. The little boy is really hilarious.

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Schvach said...

But what about her mojo (do girls in general have mojo?)?

Extenze said...

Haha..We just need any topic for laugh..So funny!