Grow Norah Grow

When you are pregnant with your second child everyone tells you how 'suprised' you'll be at how different your two children will be. And most women swear their pregnancies are vastly different. I concur on both accounts.

If you've read my blog from the beginning, you'll know my pregnancy with Preston was the pits, and my pregnancy with Norah was uneventful and calm. I was sick with Preston, and barely sick with Norah. I gained 45 pounds and a case of gestational diabetes with Preston; I gained 23 pounds with Norah and passed my glucose test.

Preston was a spitty baby, was on sensitive formula, had sensitive skin, and for the first month had his days/nights mixed up. Norah spits up moderately, is on high-octane formula, hasn't seen a drop of Butt Paste, and not once has confused her days with nights.

The biggest difference, by far, is their weight/height growth. Both Preston and Norah were born at similar weights; P'Dub at 7lbs. 6oz. and Norah at 7lbs. 12oz.  Preston, up until his well visit at 2 years-old, has held steady in the 5-10% range for height, and in the 10-25% for weight. Norah is in the 75-90% on all accounts. Just yesterday I boxed up all her 0-3 month onesies and sleepers. She's two months old and wearing 3-6 month outfits!

• 7# 12 at birth
• 10# 6 one month old (three pound gain!)
• 11# 12 two months old

• 18.5" at birth/ but 20" at her 7-day checkup (We think she wasn't stretched out completely when her birth height was recorded.)
• 22" one month
• 23.25" two months old

Watch out P'Dub, your little sister may end up being your big sister! ;)

*Two month well visit on July 14, 2010.


taramariephotography said...

So are you using the cloth diapers with Norah?

Rebecca said...


I work for LingeriePlease (www.lingerieplease.co.uk) and we have a great range of maternity underwear. It would be great if you could review our products, or we could do a competition with yourselves offering a set?

I look forward to hearing from you,


Christine said...

What a beautiful name ! If you had twins and the other was a boy it would be cute to name him Noah.

daintee said...

Amazing how personal and individual they are, even from the womb!! :)

Jenna Arnold said...

Oh my, I never got into the hang with cloth diapers. I am too scared to poke little baby and always end up poking myself! lol

The Casault Family said...

omg she is growing...davin is still 11lbs, only 6lbs gain since he was born...love love her hair so much, she is a cutie pie...