Milestones & Musings

 ...has sadly picked up our slang. Everything is 'this guy'. Instead of simply saying, "What's this?", P'Dub says, "What's this guy?"

...loves the remote, although he's not permitted to have it. I recently scolded him and said, "Preston, don't put one more finger on that remote." He looked at me, gently placed his thumb on it, and said "Thumb?" [This boy is a handful!]

...is a genuine smarty pants. In an effort to grab my attention, Preston started jumping on the couch. I politely reminded him he wasn't allowed to jump on the couch. To which he quickly replied, "I not jump Mommy. I bounce."

...needs constant supervision. While cleaning bottles he managed to order a $10.00 On Demand movie in Spanish. Nice. Daddy was less than thrilled.

...is a handsome boy. Today I was explaining to him about first and middle names. I've told him many times his full name is Preston William, but I haven't  went into much detail. So I told him his sister's full name was Norah Grace. That my name is Kate Anne. That Daddy is Jeremy Ryan. In typical toddler mode, he then started asking me over and over what his full name was, and Norah's, and mine, and Daddy's. After a couple repetitive minutes went by, I asked him if he remembered his full name. He said, "Yeah Mommy. My name is handsome boy." Adorable. 

 ...finally smiled at six weeks! The big day was June 28th!

...loves her bink, aka plug. On July 1st she started sucking her fingers! I think it will be easier for her once she releases her fist grips - they are constantly closed with her thumbs tucked inside. 

...has a blow-out at least once a week. Ugh. Preston had ONE when he was a baby. 



excruciatingly said...

It's only fitting that you should have birthed a true smart ass. Way to go, PDub!

ChrissyDee said...

I've read your blog from start to finish - I love that you're so honest about the ups AS WELL AS the downs of pregnancy and motherhood. Reading has given me a fair few giggles. Thank you! And the best of luck to you and your adorable family.

Anne said...

You've got smart and beautiful kids.

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