A New 'Do at Dooz

Norah was born with a full head of hair. Lost the back and some of the sides, kept all of the top. So what is that- a reverse mullet?
Whatever it is, she no longer has it!

Thanks to Rachel at Dooz, the days of the thin, whispy pigtails are gone (not that they weren't ahhh-dorable)...Norah is now sporting a chic inverted bob of sorts.

There were bubbles, books, toys and snacks. Norah hadn't a clue what was going on, but she did know she WASN'T happy. By the end of the haircut she was in a rage- face blotchy, breathing heavily, and didn't give a poo about the "prize" they were trying to give her.

Stylists who cut children's hair must have the most patience in the world!

Before- content and clueless.

After- confused and ready to hit the road. (She was waving bye-bye)


babylove said...

Your princess is so cute! She is adorable! I am a mom of two little boys and hoping for a baby girl in the future :)!

Jette said...

A www what a little cutie pie.

Cara Phillipo said...

Cute! My son is in need of his first haircut. I took care of the baby mullet while he was asleep but i think I may need some help now. Your children are beautiful. We have another one on the way.

Dooz4Kidz said...

We're so glad you were happy with your experience at Dooz!

birth defects from prozac said...

"Reverse mullet"- that was funny.

Diana said...

an adorable little princess with more personality :)