While getting packing food for our picnic...
P: "Can we listen to Ice Ice Baby...I want to rock!"

While talking on the phone to his Pappy...

P: "Happy Birfday Pappy! How many candles are on yer cake?"

Pappy: "54"

P: [pauses] "Are you serious?"
While trying to catch a spider in it's web...

P: "He's running from me 'cause he's scared. He doesn't know me."

P: [to the spider] "Hi! My name is Preston!"

P: [with enthusiasm] "Mommy!! He's not scared anymore, cause I died him!"

Me: "You died him?"

P: [matter of factly] "Yeah, I killed him."
Bathtub chit chat...  
P: "Did you know me and Daddy match? We bof [both] have geen [green] eyes. So we match!"

Me: "That's right, you do!"

P: (while holding up his forefinger and shaking it once) "AND... AND we bof have big eenises [penises]. Our penises match, too!"

Me: "Not sure if that's good for you, or bad for Daddy?"

P: "It's good Mommy. Cause matching is good!"


angryuterus said...

adorable. :)

babylove said...

Love it!

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Oh my gosh that is hilarious! I love the bathtime conversation.

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oopsie23 said...

HAHA! This is the kind of stuff that makes me actually look forward to when this kid pops out and starts developing a personality! Hilarious!

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So cute!