My Ass is Spreading

It's official. The coverage once offered by my underwear is no longer there. My crack is sticking out the top and my cheeks are blowing in the wind.

I heard this COULD happen, but thought this might be one pregnancy 'side effect' I would miss. After all, by body has been through all different phases....thin, wafer-thin, plump, thick, chubby...and if one thing remained the same, it was my derriere.



Monique said...

You're not alone. Only, I thought it was inevitable. My ass seems to be a great barometer of my increasing tummy girth. :P

Anonymous said...

you guys are such a cute couple. You are going to have such a cute little baby! Thanks for the blog. I am 11 weeks PG and reading it all the time! You have a great sense of humor. Good luck!

excruciatingly said...

Welcome to the big butt club, Sis.
I could starve myself down to 80 pounds, but my buttoosky will always be screaming, "hey, look at ME! I'm a BIG GIRL!!"