The Unexpected Ultrasound

Yesterday we had our first pregnancy scare...ughh. After spending the majority of the day in bed and still not feeling 100% this morning, I called my OB's office. Their advice was to come in for a check-up.

At 11:45am this morning I met with another Doc, as mine wasn't in today. The ultrasound quickly assured us the that all was well in the womb. I was more than relieved when the Doc said, "Your baby looks perfect!"

This time the baby actually resembled a human being, instead of a morphed manatee. This time I could easily see it's head, hands and feet. And this time it was wiggling around! It kind of looked like it was practicing the classic dance move "the robot" but with restricted motions. (Unfortunately the u/s print outs aren't as crisp as what you see on-screen. This blurry image doesn't do our little one any justice.)

So, the cub is fine. I'm fine, too...just a little neurotic, being I'm new to all this chaos!


excruciatingly said...

Yay!! All is well in DA WOMB.

Cuz Ray said...

Look at that...a womb with a view...of the cub that is...sorry, very bad joke. Glad all are well, Happy 4th!

FalnAngel7 said...

That u/s pic is amazing. Its the first one that I've seen that I can actually make out any human features. I can't wait to have something that will make this pregnancy seem more real. I don't even get to see a doctor until the 23rd :( Happy 4th!

Erin O'Brien said...

Even with the dry heaving (trust me...I know what that's like...bile tastes even worse) pregnancy will be the neatest experience of your life! wait until you feel him/her kick for the first time! I can't wait to meet you, let alone see your "lovely lady bump" :)

Ma Kat said...

Thanks Erin! Grandpa John forwarded me your online photo book from vacation. You have three very beautiful little babies. You must be one heck of a woman!

By the way, did you ever get the gifts I sent you off your Burlington registry? I never heard back; just figured you were busy! :)