I am a Neanderthal, Hear me Grunt

This evening I had the pleasure of being described by my husband as a "Neanderthal." As I stared at him blankly, unsure as to why he would call me such a name, he quickly described the previous ten minutes leading up to his comment:

"Kate, when you woke up from your nap you looked around as if you were unfamiliar with your environment, stretched, then let out three burps. You then came over to the table, sat down, and started eating off my plate with your fingers. Now you are standing before me with your shirt pulled up and your hand down the front of your pants itching your lower belly."

So, maybe being pregnant isn't the prettiest. But I think the word "Neanderthal" is a little harsh coming from a man. Men do all sorts of unflattering things, and they aren't considered anything but "men."


excruciatingly said...

Did you pick bugs out of his scalp and eat them?

Maria said...

Kate you crack me up! I love the belly shot...