B.U.M.P. and B.F.F.

Friday I was surprised with a package from my Savannian B.F.F...a Baby Under Manufacturing Process t-shirt.

I was also surprised to find it was a S/M! However flattered, I haven't been a S/M since Christ was a kid! I'd upload a pic of me in this t-shirt if I was in the mood for a healthy dose of self-humiliation, but unfortunately today is not that day!

Thank you so much for the shirt Betsy! I do love it, even though I can't get it over my head. :)

Me and Betsy McGee...

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excruciatingly said...

Stupid trendy-assed T-shirt manufacturer. How many preggers ladies must they depress with that kind of sizing. It probably doesn't fit ME and I'M not even PREGNANT. Oh well. At least it's blue. Maybe the baby can wear it when he/she is born! :)