Zebra Belly...The Onset of Panic

So far, I've been pretty accepting of the changes that have been occurring to my body. I've also thought I have been fairly realistic about "what's to come." Until now.

Every week I get an update from babycenter.com informing me of how my baby is developing each week, as well as what I physically should/could be in for. Today I found out that I may experience some darkening skin patches; and most importantly, could fall victim to "the mask of pregnancy." As a good woman would do, I turned to Google for pics of this so-called mask.

Lucky me (please note the thick, thick sarcasm)...I ran across a site that prides itself on exploiting the reality of the postpartum body. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest, when I say my life has been forever changed. My heart hasn't stopped beating rapidly since my eyes laid on the disturbing imagery, and like a car wreck, I keep going back to the site and starring at these women. I'm so scared I could puke.

If you feel so inclined to view this newly-found site, please note that there is nudity (and not the good kind). Also know that if you have not yet had a child, you probably won't ever want to.


Anonymous said...

The internet can be a good & bad thing. I started watching "A Baby Story" on TLC while I was pregnant. BAD IDEA! They always had a way of making everything sound horrible & scary!

Pre pregnancy I was always very self conscious of my body & what I though were flaws. Kind of weird, but I am alot more accepting of my "flaws" now.

I could go on but this is getting long as is. I will send you an e-mail w/ a pic of my belly, it takes time & some work, but it is possible to get rid of it. Now if I could only find my boobs! :)

Meredith (Nate's wife)

excruciatingly said...

Exactly which KEYWORDS did you use to FIND THIS????

Anonymous said...

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