Taa Dah...The Bump's Nursery

The nursery is nearly complete. I'm still in search of a blue rug, ottoman and clock. But I'm so in love with how the wall stickers transformed the room, I couldn't wait to share! And trust me, these pictures don't do the room justice!

The walls are a yellow-lettuce. The caterpillar is plush and holds 26 finger puppets; each puppet corresponds to a letter in the alphabet.

The bugs, circles, and squiggles on the walls are actually removable wall stickers. The bugs are one from one set and the shapes from another...I was lucky enough to find matching colors! My favorite piece in the room is the wall book shelf. I'm hoping to get a lot of use out of it!

And yes, that is a rocket-shaped lava lamp. I read online that lava lamps give off the perfect amount of light for midnight feedings and 2a.m. diaper changes, so we couldn't resist. Who doesn't have a soft spot in their heart for a lava lamp?

I've also added pictures of Jeremy and I when we were babies.
Ahh, I just LOVE IT! To get a better feel for layout, click here.


excruciatingly said...

Very vivid! Baby will be adequately stimulated!

Rebecka said...

Very cute. Hows being a mom?