Our 3 Pound Toe Picker

On a number of occasions, my husband has jokingly questioned whether or not the baby is really his. (I know...ha ha...really funny.) If there actually was any doubt in his mind, today his concerns were laid to rest.

This morning, at our first visit with the high-risk doctor, an ultrasound was administered to determine the size of the baby. The baby is 3 pounds and apparently has a big head...2 weeks ahead of schedule, to be exact. :)

As we were watching our little one on-screen, the tech paused and took a picture of what she thought was 'so cute'...our baby had a firm grip on his/her foot.

I agree, this is very cute. However, the majority of you don't know my dear husband is an avid toe picker. He used to be a finger picker, but has since moved his focus to the feet. I'm always nagging at him to stop the damn picking, but it's a mean habit, and I have yet to successfully break him of it.

Apparently he's been a "picker" since he was born. In fact, his hospital picture clearly shows him making little fists and picking his fingers. Now he's passed this trait onto our unborn child. Lovely.

The baby also has Jeremy's guns...

Where the baby gets its flexibility from is still up in the air...

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Monique said...

I'm sorry to hear about the G.D. and subsequent "high-risk" status but I'm so jealous you got another ultrasound! Hopefully that put a positive spin on your meeting with the high risk doc. What a cutie pie you are growing in there!