It's a Miracle

Yesterday morning Preston woke with his first hint of diaper rash. Until this morning, poo has spent a maximum duration of 5 minutes on his cheeks because he usually poos while he's awake, and we take care of it promptly. But, this time he poo'd his sleep, so it could have been there, drying on his tiny derriere, for at least 5 hours. Anywho, the poo had left him a little rash.

So I got out the ol' Butt Paste – I really think this stuff should be called Ass Clay, as it looks like and is as thick as Ohio River mud. I wiped this expensive concoction (about 5 bones for 2 ounces) all over his rump and diapered him back up.

Two hours go by and it's time for a diaper change. The Butt Paste was stuck to every little nook and fold of my son's nether-region, but the rash was COMPLETELY GONE!

I heart Ass Clay®. (I made that ® part up, in case you were wondering.)


Rebecka said...

My preston has not yet had diaper rash. And I hope he never does. My daughter had it when she was a baby.. I have no clue what I used but it just kept coming back.
Hopefully he doesn't get it anymore.
I haven't been by your site for a while.. I just now saw his picture in his picture on the side bar.. it is absolutely cute. You have a cute baby.

Hunter's Mommy said...

Your entire blog sounds like the story of my life. Just add a 2 1/2 year old boy. I'm due in two days to have my 2nd child,and OMG it is worst waiting for #2 than #1 (Hell I just hate being prego) anyways Bert Bee's diaper cream is also magic.