Washington or Bust.

In less than a week, at a mere 13 weeks of age, baby Preston will be earning his wings. That's right folks, we're Seattle-bound for a 12-day trip!

This inevitably means that Jeremy and I are now going to be "that f'n annoying couple who took their screaming baby on a 4.5 hour flight." We're about to become the people we've despised and bitched about for many, many trips. The tides have most certainly turned and I am terrified of the fate that lies ahead.

In preparation for our journey, I've been online researching travel tips and checklists. The amount of stuff this kid is going to need for two weeks is nearly ridiculous! But with a baby, I've learned quickly that you can never play it too safe. You really do kind of need EVERYTHING for all WHAT-IF scenarios – because they CAN and WILL happen.

Flyingwithkids.com suggested this travel tip:

Wear spunky clothes and dark glasses so that other passengers think you are someone famous enjoying quality time with your kids.

Oh yeah, sure. I'll put that costume change right up there on the priority list with remembering onesies, sleepers, socks, diapers, Ass Clay®, bath wash, lotion, medicine, the snot sucker, ear swabs, wipes, the binky, rattle, blankets, sheets, bottles, drop-in refills, bibs, a thermometer, receiving towels, disinfectant, a sun hat, jacket, stoller, the birth certificate, books, nail clippers, travel swing, toys, mobile, and the Snugli. And that's just for baby.

I'll be lucky to remember to pack my own underwear and these people are suggesting I play dress-up? As if.


Anonymous said...

We took Abby to MN when she was 6 months old. We didn't let her sleep on the drive to the airport, ran her as much as possible at the airport & had the bottle ready for take off. She fell asleep shortly after take off & slept the whole way. Just be sure to go to the bathroom before you get settled to put the kid to sleep. Too risky switching who is holding the kid just to go to the bathroom.

Have a great trip & can't wai to hear the stories!


Monique said...

You are way more courageous than we are! We've postponed any trips that require taking a plane indefinitely and at least until I can do this nursing thing without spraying milk 4 feet in front of me! I've heard it's beneficial to bring earplugs and pass them out to your neighbors on the plane to break the ice. Good luck!

Mellymell said...

Air travel with kids? I'll take that in a heartbeat over the alternative. When your blessing, your little bundle of joy pukes in a plane, the plane's ventilation system recirculates the aromatic stench of regurgitated Cheerios, Fish Crackers, and Formula.

Furthermore, a crying / puking kid can be powerful deterrent to rotund air-travelers that are approaching those open seats in front of, or next to, you and your little mini-me (or him when the fluids are flowing from every available orifice.

Enjoy your trip!