Diamonds Have Been Replaced

No longer are diamonds a girl's best friend. At least not this girl – this married girl with a baby, traveling from Ohio to Seattle. Nope, this girl's new best friend is the Koala Bear Kare changing station. (Btw, it makes me ill when people spell things all cutsie, like the "k" in what should be "care".)

Moving on...Preston was a dream baby yesterday. He didn't cry one time on the plane and was a hit with the ladies. He even became buddies with the gentleman who was seated with us.

That being said, Preston was also a pooping machine yesterday, and if it wasn't for these Koala stations placed every 100 yards in the airports, I'd been in trouble. Preston left a present at the Columbus airport, the Chicago airport (twice in fact), somewhere over the Rocky Mountains, and at the Seattle-Tacoma airport. And this just covered 7 hours of our day.

Our little man has continued to be quite busy, so I've put a call into Dr. Ben's office. Hopefully he's just got a case of traveler's revenge.

(Side note... one day when Preston is older, I'll share this post with his girlfriend. Or at least use it as blackmail in some way. Yep, I'm going to be one of those Moms.)


Rebecka said...

Oh yes, I love those things too [not]
I'm very nervous to take the kids to California this summer. God only knows what my kids would do.. That's great that he did so good on the plane. The pooping part, well we all need to do it. But that's too much. Hope you have a great trip!

Karen said...

Andrew was a dream on planes as a baby but now as a toddler...I'm not looking forward to it. The child won't ever sit still. We are contemplating a 12 hour drive to avoid upsetting other travelers.