Dogs or Nuts?

Will Preston grow up to be a tried-and-true Ohio State Buckeye fan since he was born at The Ohio State University? Or will our move to Seattle turn the little guy into a Washington Husky? Hmmmmm.

Only time will tell, but at this point Preston's only 4.5 months old and fairly impressionable. I'm sure his father will do what any good Buckeye Dad would do and brainwash him until he lives, breathes, and eats OSU football.

I, on the other hand, will make my decision based on facts of more importance: Will I look better in Scarlet and Grey, or Purple and Silver? Can I dress a boy in purple? Is Brutus Buckeye a cooler mascot than Harry the Husky? These are the types of things I will consider before deciding which way to sway my child.

Jeremy will probably read this and tell me we have more pressing issues to tend to – selling our home, for example. Or figuring out how to divvy up our time with friends and family before heading out to our temporary home at The Pinnacle on the 26th.

Stay tuned, as our move to the West Coast will undoubtedly supply ample blog material!


Rebecka said...

I hope the move goes good for you. Looks like a nice place to stay.
Why are you moving?

Alexa said...

Stumbled upon your blog a few months ago, P-Dub is adorable! My son was born almost 11 weeks ago...in TEXAS! UGH....we are raising him as a BUCKEYE THOUGH! We will always chant O-H-I-O...check this video out (http://store.teambabyentertainment.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=catalog.prodInfo&productID=107&categoryID=44). Your husband would love it. We have already shown it to our baby, lol.

Ma Kat said...

Rebeka- We are moving because a career opportunity arose for my husband that he just couldn't pass up. We're very excited!

Alexa- OMG! I will definitely have to get that for Jeremy! I've never heard of anything like this. Thanks for the tip! And sorry you have to live in Texas.

Rebecka said...

Very nice. I'd like to move away from here.. but my fiance and I are both still in school.. We are done in December than goodness. We want to either move down south or out in the west.. possibly California.We have no clue yet.
I hope it works out for you.