Preston in Preston?

Yes, we finally made it to Washington! And it looks as though we brought the hot Ohio weather with us – we've been here since Thursday, not a drop of rain, and we're having record-breaking heat. Apparently the Seattle area only has weather this sunny and clear about three days a year. So instead of chilling out and taking a much-needed break, we've been getting out and exploring our new surroundings.

And our way home from Snoqualmie Falls, we happened upon a small town called PRESTON. Who would have thunk it? Our little guy was beat and half asleep, but we woke him and propped him up against this dirty roadside rock for a photo op.

I wonder if we could find a town called "Kate" or "Jeremy"? Hmmmmm.

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Mimi said...

So I was curious about towns and did a Google search- there is a Kate Town in Liberia, no Jeremy town/city to be found... but interesting enough there's a town north of Spokane that is your last name... another photo op???