First Playdate

We've been in Seattle for nearly two months now, and Preston is quite the unsocialized nearly 7-month old. I recently joined a Mom's group (as I'm unsocialized as well) and our first infant playdate consisted of nine other mothers and their little ones.

I was all proud getting my little guy dressed up for making friends. He looked 'just like a little man'...which is what everyone tells me and I should change the name of this blog to www.helooksjustlikealittleman.blogspot.com... but it's probably already taken. (Whoa....total mind detour!)

Preston was a bit overwhelmed at first – only feeling truly secure nestled in my lap. But eventually he ventured out and sat about one foot away from me. He played with a drum, felt the bald head of a fellow playmate, and then focused on a couple of the other moms. Preston, like Daddy, is totally into older chicks. Go P'Dub.

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Rebecka said...

Omg. He is simply adorable. !