He's Mobile...and it's Already Making me Nuts

Preston officially went 'live' last evening, although his crawling was similar to that of a drunk teenager at his first party. P'Dub would take off wobbly, smiling and laughing, fall down or face plant, and pop back up smiling and laughing. Which was initially cute, but now I've realized this is the start of a never-ending chase.

This chase is going to cause me to be an entirely new type of uptight. Now I'll constantly worry if he's going to knock his teeth out or eat a carpet tack. I mean, can a house really be 100% baby proof? I think not.

Today was spent tearing Preston away from electrical cords, pulling him out from under the bar stools, and yanking him out from under his Jumparoo.

I can't even go to the bathroom without containing the child. Clearly he needs a cage!


Alexa said...

Ah, I do love to read what is in store for me, gives me a heads up on what to prepare for!

Kriss said...

Welcome to my world! I keep his pack in play handy full with toys for such instances as potty breaks. They also have these play yards I have seriously considered buying. He has all these toys but instead he would rather crawl under the coffee table to get my laptop cord. I am afraid he is going to bite it and get zapped. I never take my eyes off of him because it only takes one second for something to happen. Just think before long they will be walking and then we really be chasing them. -kriss

MBKimmy said...

Welcome ... next is walking and I promise it is much worse!
The pack n play idea is what we did too! Good luck!