Me Loves Me Some Boppy

With the rapidly approaching cold/flu season, accompanied by my phobia of germs, I proudly purchased a Boppy Protect Me shopping cart/high chair cover. It boasts a whopping 360 degrees of germ-free protection...providing you can keep your child from pulling back the fabric to 'see what's underneath'. The cover also has loops for Preston's favorite toys and pockets for Mommy's cell phone, grocery list, and wallet. It's cute, easy to roll up and machine washable. Every mother's dream - for the bargain price of $25.

The Boppy Protect Me cover paid for itself within the first week of ownership, while on a much-needed Costco run. Skeptical the Boppy cover could expand to fit such an over-sized grocery cart basket, I was pleasantly surprised! It went on smoothly and Preston went in it smoothly. And as perfect timing would have it , Preston's dinner bell rang just as we entered the automatic sliding doors.

I first attempted to carry Preston cradle style as he held and drank from his bottle. But I'm a wimp, and he got heavy. The Boppy Me cover beckoned. I wondered...is it safe to lay your child down in the cart basket? He couldn't possibly fall out through the leg holes. And the cover is quite cushiony, so it would be comfortable. I ran the idea by Jeremy and within seconds Preston was lying down drinking his bottle in the grocery cart, cuddled by the comfort of the Boppy germ protector.

I thought fellow shoppers might give us strange looks, but the depth of the basket concealed his presence. For the most part he was unnoticed. After his bottle was finished he was content to stay in the horizontal position. After all, he had great access to his feet and a direct view of all ceiling lights.

This was awesome! Preston didn't need entertained. He wasn't reaching out to grab anything and everything he could touch. And he was happy. And he was sleepy. Soo sleepy in fact that he actually fell asleep! The remainder of our shopping trip was a breeze. The little man didn't even wake up until we were unloading groceries in the car.

I heart the Boppy Protect Me shopping cart/high chair cover. In fact, I heart all Boppy products. And you should too.

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Rachel from BC said...

Don't feel bad about letting him lay down. I always see babies laying down in those things at the store.