Sir Snots-A-Lot

We're six days in to what I've dubbed Family Sick Fest. First Jeremy, then Preston, and now I, am sick. We're all snotting, hacking, and most recently puking (Jeremy only...but I think it's due to some bad Mexican I brought him home last evening).

Preston's worst days were Monday - Wednesday. I actually resorted to driving him around aimlessly in the car, just to get him to stop crying and fall asleep. And although this worked, it was temporary. No sleeping arrangement could hold a candle to lying on my chest.

This is the first time Preston has ever been ill. I must add that I've never seen a human, and at such a small size mind you, conjure up the amount of snot this kid has dripped. Where does it come from? And when will it stop? Even grosser is when P'Dub spits up. Jeremy calls it 'pukus', as it's a mixture of puke and mucus.

As a whole I'd say we're on the upswing. The snot bubbles are getting smaller. The crankiness is subsiding. And Preston is back to his mischievous ways...

I counted 36 wipes. He managed to pull 36 wipes out of the container in just under 30 seconds. That's got to be a baby record somewhere, right?


MBKimmy said...

oh no the snots ... hate it for you and I hope like you said you are on the upside!

MBKimmy said...

just wanted to stop by and see how everyone was feeling?! hope you are all better?!