The 12 Month Reality Check

If you read my last post, you know about my emotional reservations regarding Preston getting physically bigger. As it turns out, I don't have much to worry about. Since birth, he's gained a mere 13 pounds and has grown only 9 inches. According to the pediatrician, P'Dub is in the 10th percentile. This means, height and weight-wise, he's only bigger than 1 in 10 kids. But he's thriving otherwise – and his melon is topping the charts in the 75th to 90th percentile. Go brain!

So for now, he's little and cute. When Preston gets older and kids start picking him last in gym class and stuffing him in lockers in the hallway, it won't be so cute. There's nothing to worry about medically; he's little just as I was at his age. And you all know that currently I'm nowhere near the 10th percentile!

The pediatrician also alerted me to a couple other things. For instance, out with the formula and in with the whole milk. And not in a bottle...only in a cup. In fact, there should be no more bottles, except at night. And even the night bottles need eliminated by 15 months.

Holy crackers! Am I ready for this? Am I ready for no bottles? P'Dub is currently on the three bottle plan: morning, afternoon and bedtime (with solid foods inbetween). Knocking out the first two bottles won't be a problem. The night bottle will be the issue – at least for me anyhow.

I love rocking Preston in his nursery, listening to his Baby Einstein lullaby cd, cuddling, talking softly and giving him his bottle. It's soothing for both parties involved. But within the next three months I have to wean both of us. This is going to suck.

Another eye opener from the pediatrician: Out with the baby food. Say what? I'm solely responsible for his nutrition? I kind of liked it when Similac and Gerber took care of it. Besides, I can barely come up with dinner ideas for Jeremy, and now I've got three square meals and two snacks to provide daily!!! I'm doomed. Or, rather Preston is doomed.

The reality of Preston growing up is hitting me hard. It's truly bitter-sweet. It seems to me that as P'Dub gets older, there is always going to be something he'll grow out of that I'll miss (and I don't mean an outfit), and always something he's growing into that will be exciting. Like the bottles. I'll miss them. But I'm looking forward to the day he uses his own spoon.


Kriss said...

I just had to pop in and comment. I have a baby two months older than your baby. My doctor also told me no more bottles and only milk - no formula. I decided that since my son has a hard time using sippys still that I would give him sippys with meals but continue his mid morning bottle with reg. milk and his night time bottle with reg. milk. My thought is, if I was breastfeeding (which I couldn't because my kids are adopted) I would prob still breastfeed him if I could. It's a comfort thing for him and for me. I personally feel that our society pushes babies to grow up to fast when really 12 mths is still very much a baby!! I think that every mother has to decide what is best for her baby. As far as food I thought I would share what has worked for me. I buy the ziplock snack or 100 calorie containers. At the beginning of the month I buy carrots, peas, butternut squash, sweet pototoes, etc. Some is frozen, some is fresh. I spend the entire day steaming and food processing (more chunkier than babyfood), steaming brown rice, boiling whole grain pasta's, beans, baking chicken, ham and turkey. Then I make him all kinds of different combinations/meals, I keep some of the veggies seperate and add others to the "meals". Then I label the top of the containers and freeze them. In the mornings I pull out his food for the day and heat it up in the microwave. It has saved me so much money and I know whats in the food! I even add flax to some of it for easier digestion. At first I was a little overwhelmed because I am so busy but now I have it down pat and it's so easy. Plus it's so much healthier for my baby! Also if I make meals for our family like spagetti, I make up more little plastic containers for him to eat. Hope you don't mind me sharing! -kriss

Emma said...

Brilliant post! Really enjoyed reading it :-)

MBKimmy said...

you can do a sippy cup at night - I still do and Tatum is almost 2 I guess that one will be out the door when we start to potty train - but I took her night time bottle around 14 months and gave her a sippy cup of milk - she now just sits on my lap watching the pages of the books I read to her sometimes she drinks it sometimes she doesn't but the night fun is still there!

She eats what we eat which has turned into a good thing - we are eating so much better than we ever did!

Good luck and you will have other things take the place of the bottle that are good!

Shala said...

I love your blog, I just found it. You're doing a fabulous job-don't worry all will fall into place. I found the gerber 3rd foods to be lifesavers. Also in a pinch a frozen healthy choice meal has really soft meat and the veggies aren't too salty.

I managed to stop the bottle at 1 year. I paired it down until the last month he got a nite nite bottle only and then on his 1st B-day I gave him the last bottle before bed and set him sleepily into the crib. Then bawled my eyes out. I know, it is hard. Best of luck!

Julie C. in OH said...

Hi there! My "little" boy, Nick, is now 13! And I gotta tell you, I STILL miss him being little. But he still enjoys getting attention from me and loves to sit and snuggle with me on the couch and watch a movie or read a teen level book together when his friends aren't watching. And he may roll his eyes and laugh at me when I grab him when he is walking by and give him a big hug but he loves every minute of it. You've got years and years of special time together no matter how big he gets.

Pregnancy said...

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